[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #298 : RN Choubey Board, PSIR Optional, Reading, Tennis Hobby

Date of Interview: 19/04/23, Afternoon (Last candidate to go)
Board: RN Choubey
Background: B.Tech(EEE)
DAF: NSS, Bilaspur(CG), Chennai,
Optional: PSIR
Hobby: Reading, Playing Tennis, Watching F1


(Usual disclaimer to raise the comfort level, asked me if i had any covid symptoms and told me to remove the mask and place it on the table)

Q1. Tell us very briefly about your education.
Q2. What is rules based world order?
Q3. Is it serving the American interests?
Q4. Should there be any rule based order and why?
(Sir left the room right after i finished the last answer and asked the member sitting immediately to my left to take over)

Member 1

Q1. What is the ultimate goal of naxalites?
Q2. If you are the DM of a naxal affected district in your state, tell us what measures you can take to curb their activities and help the citizens of your district?
(No follow up questions, he waited for a few seconds and then asked the only lady member who was also sitting to my left to continue)

Member 2

Q1. Sex Ratio of Chhattisgarh is very poor(she gave wrong data), why is that?
–> I politely told her about the NFHS5 data on sex ratio in Chhattisgarh.
Q2. Okay, assume that the sex ration is poor. Now, what measures can you take as a DM to improve the situation?
Q3. We are looking at the 4th wave of COVID now. You are a DM and you’re given 15 days to control the spread in your district. Suggest measures?
Q4. Police in Delhi is under LG. Do you think police should come under the CM instead?
Q5. Can you tell me any other connection between Dholpur and Delhi apart from this building?
(She passed it on to the member sitting on my right, she remained hostile throughout)

Member 3

Q1. Everyone has something bad to say about Pakistan. Can you tell me good things about Pakistan?
Q2. Do you think India and Pakistan should merge?
Q3. Do you believe such merger will be beneficial for India?
(No follow up questions, passed onto the last member)

Member 4

Q1. Explain the Indian stand in Ukraine-Russia war?
Q2. Do you think Indian stand is good for our economy?
Q3. How can we reduce our gas and oil import bill?
Q4. What is methanol economy?
Q5. What should be the Indian response if US and China engage in an all out nuclear war?
(No follow up questions)


Q1. You play tennis. Who is your favorite tennis player?(Federer)
Q2. Why?(One-handed backhand)
Q3. Who is your favorite F1 driver?(Verstappen)
Q4. Any relation between Netherland and what is currently being discussed in SC?(same sex marriage)

RNC : Is there any area where you’d like us to engage further with you?(No sir)
Are you satisfied?
(Yes sir)
You can leave, Thank you!

Your experience in interview:

Was nervous at the beginning but the panel was really supportive and made me comfortable. Felt like a regular conversation with elders in the family.

Utility of mocks or O2O (if any):

Prepared me for the worst. Mock grilling helped me in keeping my composure during difficult questions and whenever i felt cornered.

Questions in the real interview were very different from what i was used to in mock interviews. My only take is expect the unexpected and always be ready for surprises.

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