[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #299 : R N Choubey Board

Date of Interview: 19/04/23
Board: R N Choubey
Daf- Nothing asked


Be comfortable, we are not here to interrogate you.
1) How did a civil engineer choose Sociology as optional?
2) What are the contents of IPC CRPC and Evidence act?
3) When were they enacted?
4) What is the difference between Constitution and law?
5) Why did these acts come before Constitution? (How can children come before mother?-his actual words)

Member 1

1) Suppose you are a DM, what will you do to solve drug problem?
2) What will you do to improve health of women and children?
3) What will you do to improve schooling?

Member 2

1) What is Gati shakti?
2) What is OROP and what is the controversy?
3) Whom do you support?
4) Is Make in India a hoax or success?
5) What should be done to improve quality of teachers?
6) Do you believe in Vastu? Have you ever used it?

Member 3

1) Is agriculture a state subject? Then why did center make Farm laws?
2) Is there any relation between caste and occupation? Does it still continue? Do you support it?
3) What is CSR?
4) If you are a DM and all companies in your area are giving there funds to PM-CARES, what will you do?

Member 4

1) Why is CJI talking about preamble?
2) What is preamble? Is it a part of the Constitution?
3) What is basic structure? What are it’s elements?
4) Suppose you are a DM, and all your employees are corrupt, what will you do?
5) Suppose you are a DM, and there is a natural disaster in your area, and your parents are unwell.. And forcing you to come, what will you do?
6) Suppose you are not selected, what is your Plan-B?
Ch- We have asked everything we wanted to, do you want to discuss anything? ( I asked permission to discuss a topic and did so)
Chairman- Good to hear that. All the best.

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