[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #302 : Manoj Soni Board, Anthropology Optional, Kerala Home State

Date of Interview: 26/04/23 – 26th april 2023, afternoon
Manoj Soni Sir
5th (second last to go)
Home State: Kerala
Background: Maths Hons
Optional: Anthropology
DAF KEYWORDS: Pathanamthitta, Blood donation, skip a meal, flood


(pleasant, slow talking)
1. Confirmed my name
2. asked to remove mask to verify photo
3. asked about professional exp (said none – preparing since college)
4. You have done Social service in College, are you still doing it?
5. How much time were you involved in relief work after flood ?
6. what all did you do ?
7. what is skip a meal and blood donation camp
8. anthropology student – tell anthropologically about psyche of kerala people
9. you said syncretic culture, give some example
10. is kerala society stratified ? why a contradiction exist when it comes to caste discrimination, even after having so much syncretism

Member 1

1. SWOT of Kerala – ended asking strength and weakness
2. Why low industry in kerala
3. what is unique about politics in kerala (referring to alternate LDF, UDF govt.?)
4. Has the BJP or the INC ever formed govt by itself in kerala ?
5. cascading tax

Member 2

1. Why flood constantly happening
2. what are backwater
3. mangroves in kerala and significance
4. general mathematics and quantitative mathematics
5. mathematical models
6. products coming from kerala

Member 3

1. Name spices from kerala
2. why rubber and coir industry successful in kerala

Member 4

1. why is pamba river polluted ? ( district related )
2. does it merge into periyar
3. Bombay blood group
4. does blood group change during lifetime
5. mullaperiyar issue
6. fermats last theorem
7. divisibilty rule of 11

overall exp – very different from mocks, felt that importance given to how I was approaching questions and feedbacks. No Current affair questions. Apart from chair and M1 everybody else were expressionless.

mocks and utility – 4, 2 in Kerala, 2 in Delhi – best experience from Chahal academy who asked me DAF thoroughly , but actual interview was entirely different – confined to some topics and mostly a conversation. mocks help build confidence to face senior members.

O2O and utility – took many, before and after filling DAF. Helpful

Peer mocks – took almost everyday, helped cover DAF nicely ( but ultimately board did ask questions not asked in any peer mock discussion )

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