[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #303 : Manoj Soni Board, PSIR Optional, Rajasthan Home State, Table Tennis, Jogging Hobby

Date of Interview: 26 April 2023}
Board: Manoj Soni Sir
Optional: PSIR
Home State: Bharatpur, Rajasthan
Deputy Collector,
NIT Jalandhar, Punjab.
Background: INDUSTRIAL and Production Engineering
Hobbies: Table Tennis, Mentoring and Guiding Students, Jogging
Time period of interview – 28-29 minutes
I was first person in 2nd half of the day .

All were male members.


Shantun please remove your mask to check your identity….,

Wearing Mask is optional, your can/can’t wear. I removed and have given interview without mask.

Made me feel comfortable by giving my introduction…. Like your name is this, you are from this place, you have done your graduation in this……etc

Question 1- So Shantun, You are an industrial Engineer…, Have you had any experience in industries?

2. What were you doing after your graduation? {While answering this… I mentioned Recent result of UPPSC}
[All members including Chairman sir congratulated me for this.]

3. You are from Rajasthan, so tell me about handicrafts of Rajasthan.

4. What is the contribution of handicrafts in Rajasthan’s economy?

5. Don’t you think that Handicrafts are in pathetic condition in Rajasthan? Do you agree to some extent or large extent?

6. How will these handicrafts will help people?

7. How to promote handicrafts.

8. Tell me about GI tags of Rajasthan. {I mentioned Bikaneri Bhujia in this…Soni sir laughed instantly 😀}

9. What is so speciality about GI tags.

10. How GI tags will promote income?

Member 1

1. Tell me about National parks of Rajasthan.{how many and then about them}

2. Tell me about Keoladeo National Park. Where is it located?

3. Which birds are coming in Keoladeo, name few.

4. Bird diversity in Keoladeo.

5. where Sariska is located? What are the unique things about Sariska ?

Member 2

Big monologue on Assembly line in industrial and production.
Then asked
1. Tell me what kind of assembly line would you like to follow for paintings for exporting in large number?
Will you promote automation or labour in this?

2. What kind of industries are there in Thar desert?

3. What is the area of Thar Desert?

4. Have you heard about Dilwara temple? Where is this located? What are the unique things about it?

5. He explained MICE(meeting, incentives…….) Then asked you are policy maker how will you utilise it in tourism sector?

6. Have you heard about Hindu rate of growth? What is it? Explain.

7. Why are we not calling present growth as Hindu rate of growth?

Before member 3, Soni sir mentioned my name and linked with the character of Mahabharata. {He smiled here also} like ye Mahabharat Wale Hain😀

Member 3

1. Have you heard about illegal sand mining in Bharatpur? And asked what is current status?

2. What is the difference between Hindu Marriage Act and Special marriage act?

3. What is so special about Special marriage act?

4. Do you agree that Brij culture is having feminine colour more? And why?

5. What crops will you grow in Desert of Rajasthan? And how will you grow?

Member 4

1. Tell me about industrial status of India. Compare with the time of Independence.

2. What is full form of MSMEs?

3. What is the status of MSMEs?

4. Which state is having highest number of MSMEs?

5. Which state is contributing the most in terms of industrial and Production?

6. Which industry do you think is most unique to Rajasthan? And why?

Last moment …, Soni sir again smiled and said all the best for your great future. 😀

I said thank you sir🙏

Now you can go Shantun

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