[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #304 : Preeti Sudan Mam Board, Philosophy Optional, Bihar Home State

Date of Interview: 25th April, Afternoon session
Board: Preeti Sudan Mam, (3 sir and 2 mam)
Home State: Gaya, Bihar
College: PG in Physics
Work experience: Banking
Optional: Philosophy
Hobbies: Self-help books
Mocks: Gave mocks in KSG,Chahal,Samkalp and Vajirao
O2O with Ravindaran sir, Khan sir
( Sab theek thaak the)


Be comfortable, If you face some issues in questions you can get it clarified.
( Mam was overall achi)

1) Are you continuing with the job? Why did you work for a brief period of 3 months after leaving a good job in the bank? You have taken a big risk?
2) Why did you choose philosophy over physics?
3) Favourite philosopher ?
4) Learning from Buddha ?
5) What did you learn from self help books and some follow-up questions?

Member 1

( Thoda is a critical person)
1) Why did Siddhartha leave home ?
2) If everyone leaves home in the name of Maya, how will this world function?
3) Prohibition of liquor in Bihar, big debate on it, issues and challenges, steps you would take as a Collector.
4) Why does Bihar have so many IAS yet not developing ?
5) Reasons behind the backwardness of Bihar?
6) Things you have learnt from self help books?
7) Do you read books for yourself or for others?

Member 2

( Very much factual, he asked many more questions which I could not even comprehend, out of the syllabus the ye sir)

1) What was the name of Gautam Buddha in his childhood?
2) What will happen when two similar charges bodies are kept near each other?
3) Zeroth law of thermodynamics?
4) Governor of Bihar?
5) Fertilizer movement across India?
6) Black buddy?
7) Import price parity?

Some more fact oriented topics from physics or some other optionals which I have never heard of. Had to say NO in almost 80 percent of his questions.

Member 3

( Argumentative Indian Sir)

1) A very big debate for around 5-7 minutes on Prohibition on Bihar.
2) Will you do away with prohibition?
3) Why not earn revenue and then handle various issues of liquor?
4) Suppose you are the principal secretary to the CM of some other state, will you suggest him also to make it a dry state?
5) Bihar is by far very rich in mineral resources yet not developed. Why?
6) Status of education in Bihar?
7) Many IAS are from Bihar, why do people want to become IAS? Are they from private school or public school?

Member 4

( Wanted to finish ASAP, mere upar daya karna chah rhi hongi)
1) Who is the philosopher king?
2) Amul vs Nandini debate in Karnataka?
3) How to promote tourism in Bihar?
4) Silk in Bihar?

Highlights:- liquor prohibition issue went for around 15 minutes by two members. They  wanted me  to listen about its issues. I humbly did.

Experience in Interview:- Can’t actually tell… if you have been there earlier you would know why 😜.
Koi khush hi nahi dikhe jabki maine jhooth mooth pressure mein hokar bhi smile karte raha.

The questions asked were at times intended to be answered in Yes or NO.

Baaki Hoihyen wahi je ram rachi raakha

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