[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #307 : Smita Nagraj Board, Mathematics Optional, Haryana Home State, JPMC, Chess, Coding Hobby

Date of Interview: 27/04/23
Board: Smita Nagraj
Slot: Afternoon, 2nd to go
Home State: Haryana
Optional: Mathematics
Hobby: JPMC, Chess, Coding
Duration: Around 25 minutes

Normal conversation. The questions may seem out of blue but were continuation based on my answer to previous question.


1. Why JPMC
2. Why left so early?
3. Is government model of leadership at young age good? Isn’t private better?
4. Private promote innovation, new ideas more than govt?
5. Are new ideas welcome in government?
6. Any 3 ideas you would work on?
7. In 2 of the ideas you mentioned, you won’t have much power?
8. Why do people love collector system so much? It is colonial legacy
9. How do you want to be remembered as after 30-35 years?
10. Is there a Difference b/w constitutional and statutory morality?
11. What do you meant by constitutional and statutory morality

Member 1

12. React on the statement “Haryana is the most backward state”
13. Progress in Haryana only due to Delhi. It is backward?
14. Jind, Rohtak regions are backward? Why?
Due to think bureaucracy has failed us since haryana is backward. Something on these lines.
15. Haryana reservation in pvt jobs. Is it good or bad?
16. Maruti wants to leave Haryana. Haryana is backward?

Member 2

17. IMF vs WB. Are both same?
18. Why countries don’t take loan from WB
19. Does IMF affect administrative authority also? (Something on these lines)
20. After ChatGPT, coding won’t be required?
21. Is it good idea to promote chess in schools for creativity?
22. ChatGPT can beat humans in Chess and It kills creativity. Does chess promote creativity?
23. What is vedic mathematics
24. Govt promoting vedic maths. Modern vs vedic maths. What will you choose.

Member 3

25. Judicial decision making is slow. Monologue about same. How will you ensure quick decision?
26. Someone’s wrong. You know about it. What will you do something ethical by law bending
27. You are against bulldozer?
28. Independent directors. Why are they there?
29. Have you heard about RTE? What are its features
30. Mentioned something but he again asked for features?

Member 4

31. Status of reservation in India?
32. Why 27% reservation to them?
33. Will you increase their reservation based on population?
34. Big firms like JP Morgan etc indulge in illegal activities. What action to take?
35. No big bank of size of JP Morgan in India Why?
36. Any investment bank from India?
37. Dollar denominated bonds offer low interest. Should government borrow in them
38. How rupee trade happens

Might be missing a few questions

Experience – Very similar to mocks given at Unacademy, Vajirao and Reddy, NextIAS, VisionIAS, KSG, Chahal IAS
O2O with Khan Sir was very good.
All the best.

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