[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #308 : Preeti Sudan Board, Mechanical Engineer Optional, Maharashtra Home State

Date of Interview: 7- 04- 2023, Last to go.
Board: Preeti Sudan madam
Optional: Mechanical Engineer
Home State: Maharashtra
Entirely DAF based
3rd interview


2. You belong to pune?
3. Village- what is famous
4. Name of Sufi saint from village
5. Teaching of Sufi Saints
6. Gst – why small traders faced issues
7. Gst- tell in brief,
8. GST- compare with early regime
9. Gst- How to improve it further
10. Mentoring- any success till now
11. Farm Laws- whether contract farming was a part
12. Contract farming- what is it
13. UN- why failed in Russia Ukraine war
14. Efforts to reform UNSC
15. VETO- shall we have it
16. What about changes such as certain number of vetoes only effective?
17. G20- when it started? what it is?
18. Fertilizer- how to reduce use
19. Organic farming- Status
20. Organic- How to promote
21. Status of Organic in north east
22. Kho kho- what is special
23. Kho kho- what is being done to promote it
24. Kho kho- Who started ultimate kho kho
25. Snooping- what is it
26. Properties of steel
27. NAM whether relevant

Examples used
• Thitekarwadi Panchayat- biogas+manure
•organic farming- Sikkim, Lakshdweep
• Confarm model Telangana
• NAM- active NAM by latin american countries
• Kho kho- ultimate kho kho championship
• G20- DSSI under Saudi presidency
• Steel- Starship by space ex

• Fumbled a bit initially
• Misheard two quetions as member had low voice
• steel-steam
• teaching of Sufi saints- naming some saints

• Missed soil health card, nano fertilizer example

Some basic quetions about EoL, its duration etc were also asked initially

Mocks given- Chahal, CMP, V&R, KSG etc.

Best wishes

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