[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #309 : Manoj Soni Board, Maharashtra Home State, doodling, painting, badminton Hobby

Date of Interview: 26/4/2023
Board: Manoj Soni sir
Home State: Maharashtra
Service : IRS(IT)
Daf keywords: Doctor, surgery, AD SAI, domestic violence, geriatrics
Hobby: doodling, painting, badminton
6th to go


is this u in the photo ?
-so you are a doctor and have worked in SAI . So you have recently selected to IRS IT . Congratulations on that .
– have u joined training or on leave ?
-(Monologue on youth ) what are the problems faced by youth in India today ?
-Are these problems interrelated ?
-What is at the core of these problems among the youth ?
-why has India not been able to solve these problems since the past 20/30 yrs ?
-Why IAS after medicine , IRS ?

Member 1

-what is AMR?
-do antibiotics work in viral diseases ? Why are they still prescribed ?
-which is the human hormone used to induce milk production in cattle ?
-is it also used in vegetables ?
-use of oxytocin in Bovines , myth or reality ?
-what is savant syndrome ?

Member 2

-I will give you 2 places , tell me about them , panhala and vishal gad.
-which areas in MH suffer from female foeticide?
-what are the reasons ?
-what has the govt done.?
-do you know about “nakushi”?
-what are the reasons for such naming of girls ?
-as a DM how will you address the issue of female foeticide.?

Member 3

-what is stunting and wasting ?
-what is preventive and social medicine (Psm)?
-how to mainstream PSM ?
-what is MMR ?
-main causes of MMR ?
-what are the two areas of focus to reduce MMR and how will u implement it ?
-what are the issues related to taxation in India ?
-how can we integrate technology to improve the tax base apart from faceless assessment ?

Member 4

-tell me few pathbreaking themes in recent medicine ?
-how is stem cell therapy used ?
-what is nanomedicine?
-are the doses for adult and geriatric patients the same ?
-in which all cases do they differ ?
-what are the areas of convergence of medicine and anthropology ?
-what is the name of method used for paternity testing?
-what is the difference between traditional vaccines and newer genetically engineered vaccines ?
-why do v need to take booster doses of vaccines ?
-what is pharmacogenomics and personalised medicine?
-what is biological warfare ?
– has it been used before (told abt nerve agents )
-any other , in envelopes ? (Said Anthrax , few questions on that )

Chairman (again) – you have a diverse daf , and we would like to ask on more areas but the time is limited . (I was getting ready to leave 😅 but  sir said….)
Still will ask you a few questions.
-what is doodling of abstract emotional constructs ?
-can you describe some doodle you have done ?
-how can this be used in administration ?
-(sir appreciated the areas I have worked in ) from all the fields you have worked in , as an administrator are there any specific fields you wud like to focus and why ?

Thank you. Your interview is over . All the best .Have a safe stay in Delhi and safe travel back home

Overall the board was very cordial . Soni sir was nodding in approval in most of the questions. More of a discussion . No grilling , no questions on IR , no controversial topics asked .

Utility of mocks: no questions repeated from mocks, but helped in the structuring of answers.
Suggested mocks: Vajirao, Onlyias, Shankar IAS, Sankalp were good.

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