[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #31 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Maharashtra Home state, solo travel, learning new languages Hobbies

Date of Interview: 3 February, Friday, 5th person to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
 Home State: Maharashtra
Background:  Mechanical engineering
Hobbies: solo travel, learning new languages, visiting historical sites
Achievements: leadership experience, volunteering, sports, scholarship.
Work exp: HR consulting, SBI, ESIC , currently sebi grade A officer


  1. Asked me to sit down and read my daf aloud…this alone took about 2 mins..I
  2. was smiling and nodding the whole time
  3. Started with Adani and Hindenberg saga, the FPO, SEBI role in it, why sebi hasnt given an official statement yet, etc
  4. Then asked me what 2 reforms I would suggest in ESIC (previous job)
  5. Based on my reply, cross questioning and slight grilling

Member 1

  1. You have done Mechanical engineering, right
  2. Since Mech is an interdisciplinary field, what are the few areas that overlap with mech engg in practice
  3. She went on about challenges of expanding Mumbai City since it’s sandwiched between sea and western ghats
  4. What are the possibilities in expanding the city towards the sea( I think she
  5. wanted to hear about sea reclamation and hence I answered accordingly)
  6. Examples worldwide where it has been done
  7. Have you heard of NEOM of Saudi Arabia ( I said no)
  8. Floating islands anywhere ( I said I don’t know)

Member 2

  1. What is black money
  2. He went on about how black money has so much benefits , what do you think?
  3. If I say that the development in last 10 years is due to black money only, what will you say?
  4. When I replied demonetisation and its role in curbing black money, he asked…so do you think that the black money that has become white due to demonetization has been beneficial?

Member 3

  1. Asked more about my work at SEBI, department, which areas handled
  2. Asked about foreign funding sources in reit and invit
  3. P notes as a mode of funding
  4. Since it’s used to launder money, what are the steps taken by sebi
  5. Initiative in budget related to p notes (allowing them in gift city)
  6. How is the flow of tainted funds that comes in through Depository receipts
  7. and p notes controlled by sebi…is there any multilateral and bilateral mechanisms
  8. Wanted to know about tax havens
  9. What if an entity channels black money into India through p notes..how will you deal with it

Member 4

  1. Israel Saudi rapprochement – reasons?
  2. If India is exporting refined oil to usa and EU from crude sourced from Russia
  3. and USA is opposing, then what should India do?
  4. Went on about how news channels are spreading filth, then asked me the reasons and possible solutions

Your interview is done

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