[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #311 : RN Choubey Board, Psychology Optional

Date of Interview: 25/4/2023 Afternoon session, 5th to go
Board: RN Choubey – all male panel
Optional: Psychology
Background: Automobile engineering
Hobbies: No questions on DAF, hobbies, home state, district etc
Duration: 25-30mins


Monologue about them being good people, said feel free to ask us to repeat again if you couldn’t hear us properly

1. Do IC engines have a future
2. Efficiency difference between IC and EV power train
3. Comparative power difference between same size petrol and EV vehicle
4. Resources are in forested areas so we are importing despite availability, what should we do?
5. Issues plaguing power sector and discussions regarding the power sector

Member 1

1. What is ED
2. What is money laundering
3. Why are institutions afraid of ED
4. Is there cartelisation in telecom sector
5. Body that ensures fair competition between companies?

Member 2

1. Are data and Call prices really very low compared to other countries
2. New player (JIO) arrival into telecom sector in 2016
3. Does new player work for charity or profit minded
4. Why new player reduced prices to low levels
5. Amendment to prevention of atrocities act in 2020
6. Collegium system controversy and your opinion about it

Member 3

1. Difference between F1 & F2
2. Do you know about witchcraft?
3. Which state witchcraft is still an issue
4. If posted as DM in such an area, what will you do
5. Any measures related to education to address the issue of witchcraft
6. Any psychology concepts regarding children and their education
7. What has Piaget said about children’s education
8. Do you know Artemis mission
9. Purpose of Artemis mission
10. Any purpose apart from scientific discovery

Member 4

1. Health of automotive sector & some discussions about this
2. Penetration of EV into Indian market
3. Are we protective of our Indian automotive sector
4. Elon musk tweet about inability to enter into Indian market. Why?
5. Should we reduce customs to allow Tesla to enter & some discussions relating to Tesla, local manufacturing
6. Imagine you are musk, what would you do.
7. Will Indian market be profitable for Tesla, if not, what else can it do using its presence in India
8. Do you know about FTA, any FTA currently being negotiated?
9. India UK FTA where UK wants easy access for its automobiles & scotch in return for allowing Indian textiles. Should we accept this terms?
10. How should our negotiations be. Some discussions relating to this, percentages we can agree on, benefit of our textiles having access to UK market etc

Thank you. We had a nice time talking to you. You can go now

Experience: felt friendly, there were cross questions but not aggressive. Members tried to get answers out of me and were giving expressions after hearing answers as well. Cordial board overall

Utility of mocks: Not much. I personally felt too many mocks will tinker with my originality. Can be useful to get a hang of talking to senior pros. Other than that, there’s very little similarity between the actual interview and mocks. O2O based on DAF can be useful if the board decides to ask questions based on DAF

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