[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #312 : Smita Nagaraj ma’am Board, Sociology Optional

Date of Interview: 28-04-2023; forenoon: last to go
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
DAF: blockchain, sociology, mental health


– Have you heard about the book “everybody loves a good drought”
– who wrote it, what was it about
– have you witnessed corruption in real life
– why is there corruption when people seem so ethical in interviews
– is it only institutional pressure
– why rules are bad
– should there be discretion in administration
– what about discretion in this interview
– how do we reduce that
– what about bias
– identify a bias you have
– there is caste bias in even elite institutions, why is it there
– have you seen it?

Member 1

– You won scholarship from Google, what is crowdsourcing at Google
– You were involved in mental health society, what did you do
– how could you take preventive steps without counseling
– opinion about fact check
– opinion about name change
– family and mental health

Member 2

– reasons for delay in nuclear technology
(Talked about some specific term which I didn’t know)
– discussion on gig economy and social security
– Gandhi’s 7 sins and “politics w/o principle”

Member 3

– crypto and other use cases of blockchain
– insurance and how to improve this sector (I had mentioned ndhm and insurance in previous answer)
– insurance and other sectors have monopoly also so what is the government doing

Member 4

– discussion on crypto regulation ( few follow up questions)

Experience: sahi tha.. 20-25 mins only because the board was running behind schedule.

Mocks: 5 including one to one; good ones were Chahal and Chanakya Mandal

Utility of mocks: helps get confidence

All the best to everyone 🙂

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