[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #313 : Manoj soni Board, History Optional, Tamilnadu Home State

Date of Interview: 27/04/23, Afternoon , 2nd to go
Board: Manoj soni sir.
Optional: History
Home State: Tamilnadu
Background: Civil Engg.
Leadership Summit
Hobbies: chess, learning about native cattle breeds.


Take your seat. You can remove your mask if you want.

1. What is democracy ? Dont say me the Lincolns definition.
2. Is India providing excessive democracy?
3.People are protesting for months, dont you think it is excessive. They are blocking the roads for months.
4. How you got interest in cattle ?

Member 1

1. Economic activity of your district?
2. Any changes recently in economic activity?
3.( some economy theory which im not able to recall  even now)
4.Why International Date line is passing through many countries?

Member 2

1. Leadership qualities
2. Your state Chiefminister MGR’s style of leadership.
3.What is self respect movement?
4.Why buildings are collapsing?

Member 3

1. Say 3 most important policy decisions post independence .Arrange in priority
2. Say political leaders of TN who came from cinema field.
3. How was it possible.?
4.How is speratist movement in Tamilnadu? Say its history

Member 4

1.Why buildings collapse?
2.How earthquake resistant structures are built?
3.Where can we use normal bricks, and where hollow blocks?
4.Suez canal, Panama canal civil engg aspects
5.Children being stuck in borehole, why and what technology to rescue them .

Chairman – your interview is over, you can leave.

Utility of mocks – attended to  become familiar with the process, some feedbacks helped me to improve.
One on one with Ravindran sir, Khan sir was useful.
Discussion with friends helped a lot.

Thanks for all who share transcripts. Hope this is also useful. BEST WISHES.

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