[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #321 : Smita Nagaraj ma’am Board

Date of Interview: 28th April
Board: Smita Nagaraj ma’am
Background: Btech, MBA – nothing asked
3.5 years work ex in corporate banking- asked on my profile and work
Hobbies: nothing asked


1. Why cs
2. Why not politics
3. Why is india not performing well historically
4. What changes would you like to see
5. How to improve impact assessment

Member 1

6. Work ex- what did you do?
7. Going back to India issue as discussed with chairperson, don’t you think india has been lousy and confused with policy making?
8. Why did we nationalize banks, now we’re privatizing them
9. What one thing india lacked till now?

Member 2

10. India China, why we lacked in exports
11. Tax mobilization, how?
12. Division of Gst, how do we collect it?

Member 3

( was keenly listening, looked angry at times)
13. Social security of gig workers, what can we emulate from case studies from different countries
14. What do you think is 1 problem leading to all conflicts
15. Would you like to change or rephrase your stance( I didn’t change but did put it more concisely)

Member 4

( smiling and nodding)
16. Essential qualities of a leader
17. Long monolog on globalization, essentially wanted to ask if we are moving away from globalization
18. How to improve globalization
19. If you’re a DM, what is the biggest challenge in analyzing impact of a policy

Unable to recall few questions

Overall cordial experience. It was more of a discussion and they were keenly listening to my opinions. At times they did try to put pressure by giving weird expression, but the key is to keep calm and be composed.

Mocks- gave around 10
Vajirao and reddy, Chahal, onlyias were good and one to one with Khan sir was confidence booster

All the best to rest of the folks.

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