[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #323 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Sociology Optional, cricket Hobby

Date of Interview: 02-05-2023
Slot: morning session, 1st to go
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Hobbies: cricket
Optional: Sociology
Graduation: Btech IT
Post graduation: MA in sociology
Keywords: manual scavenging essay, Prayagraj, taught students in an NGO, (girl candidate)


Read the daf aloud.
1- So what have you been doing since post grad?
2- what did you do in the NGO?
3- what are your learnings? ( I gave 2 learnings and she herself added 1 point and asked to elaborate on that)
4- what level of cricket have you played? What was your parents reaction when you started playing?

Member 1

1-Under A 142 SC said divorce can be given immediately. What is your view?
2- being a student of sociology, how does it affect the institution of family?
3- solutions to manual scavenging?
4- innovations in teaching that will make classes more immersive?

Member 2

1- Why shift to humanities background after a technical graduation?
2- Use of sociology in administration?
3- (i said participative decision making) But administration also requires quick decision making. How to tackle that?
4- What are your views on women reservation bill?

Member 3

1- what is disruptive technology? Give example
2- AI regulation? Should it be blanket or not?
3- Problem of criminalisation of politics, give a solution which does not exists as of now.
4- some reforms in election process to make it more participative and free of corruption.

Member 4

1- you may have some idea about taxation. So how is faceless technology helpful?
2- How will it ensure that there is no tax evasion? ( I was still thinking when she explained the whole process herself and asked if she could further go into that front, i said sorry ma’am, i have limited knowledge of the subject)
3- Manual scavenging is issue of past, how do you view it in the context of increasing number of toilets formed under Swachh Bharat abhiyan.? Solutions to it?
4- You said women reservation bill should be brought but we see the concept of sarpanch pati in panchayats. Do you think same will be emulated at parliament level?
5- How will you increase women LFPR ?

Overall experience: the board was very cordial, they did not cut through my answers and were very keenly listening. It was a question answer session and not a discussion.

Utility of mocks: Gave almost 10-11 mocks. Helps in confidence building and many questions were repeated as the themes were quite common to my daf.

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