[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #326 : RN Choubey Board, Anthropology Optional, blog writing, anime watching Hobby

Date of Interview: 03-05-2023
Slot: morning session, 1st to go
Board: Honourable RN Choubey sir
Keywords – Doctor, Not for profit clinic, anthro,
Hobbies: blog writing, anime watching, stress counseling
Sports- cricket, badminton, carrom
Optional: Anthropology
Background: M.B.B.S


We are not here to interrogate you. We are friendly people, you need not have to get scared. Let’s have a friendly conversation.

1- So drkalpane  tell me about your education and work experience

2- how are managing not profit clinic?

3- doctors are angels especially after corona. Then why do you want to become Babu?

4- Name any 3 financial regulators of India

5- shouldn’t we merge or should we maintain status quo?

Member 1

1. What is issue about PM CARES
2. Why do have hope that govt will release the data about its utilization in near future.
3.  Can medical be sued by consumer protection act? If yes, when? Don’t you think suing also will increase the unnecessary diagnostic tests to be conducted for doctors defense?

Member 2

1. Why are you writing the questions asked and replying answers based on it? How does it help? Is it your style since a long time?
2. How do you think democracy is maintained in India?( I mentioned the word democracy earlier)

Member 3

1. How is agriculture in India progressing?
2. Do you think the  financial regulatory bodies need to be separate as you mentioned earlier?
3. What is climate change impact on agriculture and what is to be done to mitigate it?

Member 4

1. Do you tribes need to isolated or assimilated
2. .Don’t you think isolating certain tribes is nothing but keeping them in zoo

Chairman sir- your interview is over. Thank you. I am giving you blank cheque. Tell me if you have anything to share with us, if not, you may leave.

Me- i shared about how cricket is microcosm of my life and how being captain changed my perspective about the game.

Opinion – it was a relaxed interview. Most of the time I was smiling and they responded similarly. 2-3 times they laughed at me too Eg- how are you running non profit clinic? I said my dad funds it and i provide service.

Everyone keenly observe how to write,talk and walk.
So overall nice experience, however you never know how the marks are awarded.

Reading transcripts were extremely useful. Also i did not take any mocks.

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