[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #328 : RN Choubey Board, Malayalam Literature Optional, Football, Tennis, Movies Hobby

Date of Interview: 02/05/2023 Forenoon session, 5th to go
Board: RN Choubey
Home state: Kerala
Optional: Malayalam Literature
Background: Production Engg.
Hobbies: Football, Tennis, Movies (No questions asked)
Work experience: Mentor in CSE coaching institute
Duration: 25-30mins


1. What do you do in Mentorship?
2. Tell me 2 philosophies of Gandhiji that you don’t agree with?
3. Do you agree with banning caste system by law?
4. What is your opinion on prohibition of liquor in a state like Kerala? Is it justified that state earns revenue from liquor sale?

Member 1

1. What will you do to increase employment in your home state of Kerala?
2. What is your opinion on EWS reservation?
3. Has the Constitution been amended for it?
4.India has made much progress in UPI.But access to devices is less in rural areas.How to solve this?

Member 2

1. Gandhiji talked about non-violence. But his act of fasting was the greatest violence…Do you agree?
2. Do you know about recent measure of TRAI to eliminate spamming?
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI?
4. Will AI lead to job loss?

Member 3

1. You were not in support of prohibition of liquor.Why can’t we legalise drugs as well?
2. Are there any drugs which are legal in some other countries?
3. Can they be made legal even in India?

Member 4

1. Is labour an issue in Kerala?
2. Is trade unionism contributing to low industrial growth in Kerala?
3. Then why don’t we ban trade unionism?
4. What is the origin of labour movement ?
5. What is the size of Indian economy? Tell me in Indian Rupees.
6. What is Indian economy’s position among different economies?
7. What is Purchasing power parity?

Do you have anything to ask us….Thank you.

Experience:  Cordial board overall

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