[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #331 : RN Choubey Board, Public administration Optional, Tamil Nadu Home State

Date of Interview: 2-5-23(Afternoon)
Background: Mechanical Engineering (Nothing asked)
Board: RN Choubey Sir
Home State: Tamilnadu (nothing asked)
Optional: Public administration (Nothing asked)
Hobby: cultivation of jackfruit and cashew(Nothing asked)
Not even Single word from DAF


  1. Same usual convincing words
  2. Tell me your academic background and work experience any?
  3. Is nuclear energy green energy?
  4. percentage of green energy in India?
  5. I was asking entire energy sector not just electricity (don’t know)

Member 1

  1. Tell me about Basel Accord(Told Africa,waste dumping)
  2. Basel in economy ?
  3. Where are we Basel 3 or 2?
  4. what are steps for increasing investment after Npa crisis?
  5. How to increase financial literacy?

Member 2

  1. Some Delhi news(Chairman interrupted and told he is from south he would have studied different edition)
  2. What are 5C problems in civil services?(No clue)
  3. Told Cag,CBI,CIC,CVC,court are 5C and are these disturbing civil servants from functioning?(Little grilling not satisfied)
  4. How to increase professionalism in admn?
  5. You told nuclear waste is a problem to chairman… explain?

Member 3

  1. why organ donation lesser in India?
  2. How to improve?
  3. what is deepfake? Explained but asked me to tell more…

Member 4

  1. Top 3 Employment generating sectors?
  2. why is tourism important?
  3. How to improve it?
  4. Its importance in Tribal Areas?
  5. Infrastructure of Tourism in India?


  1. Would you like to tell anything
  2. Pleasure taking to you
  3. All the best
  4. Left mask (Told me to take it).

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