[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #4 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Sociology Optional, Madhya Pradesh Home State, meditation, badminton Hobbies

Date of Interview: forenoon session, 30th January
Board: Satyawati mam
Optional: sociology
Background: Computer science engineering
Home state: Madhya Pradesh
Hobbies: reading fiction, mindfulness meditation, badminton
Relevant keyword from daf: worked as a software developer in fintech,


As I entered she started reading out details from summary sheet/daf
1 . You are from computer science graduate, please explain me what is NFT?
2 . You have lived in x, y, z places ( places mentioned in daf) . Which is your favorite place and why ? 1-2 follow-up questions on this.
3. Since you are from IT background, can you tell me about the recent performance of IT industry and why declining?

Member 1

1. Explain what is mindfulness meditation?
2. Are there different types of meditation? How do they differ from mindfulness meditation?
3. She asked something on the lines – there are many famous practitioner like sadhguru ( she took other names which I can’t recall nor recognize) . What do they do ? Do you agree with their methodologies?
4. Both Delhi and Bangalore are metro cities and incidents take place even in Bangalore that imply it is not that safe for women? So why you think Delhi is more unsafe? ( This was continuation of question regarding the place that i liked- i had mentioned safe public space as one of the factor in my previous answer)
5. Can you tell me few shortcomings about Bangalore?

Member 2

1. Few people say computers should not be included as engineering discipline. What do you think? Why ?
2. We hear a lot about AI, do you think AI can cause end of human civilisation?
3. Are there any laws/treaties to regulate AI ?
4. What is the trend of sex ratio in India? Is it increasing or decreasing? Why?
5. What can be done to improve sex ratio?

Member 3

1. What kind of fiction you like reading?
2. Book you read recently.
3. Long question which I can’t remember exactly, but the gist was –How female lead development can happen?
4. If you are posted in district, how to ensure that schemes for women are executed efficiently? (This too was long question, but gist was mostly this)
5. If you are female police official, how to ensure that women who are underprivileged and exploited are heard and get justice?

Member 4

1. When you entered, you were nervous but after sometime you opened up , why did this happen?
2. You have lived in gujarat, can you talk or understand Gujarati? Can you speak a sentence in Gujarati?
3. District which share border with international territory, what additional challenges do such district face?
4. You would have read about Russia – Ukraine war. What are the challenges that Russia is facing?


Your interview is over. Thank you

1. few questions were long, so I may not have remembered exact question
2.  Not sure how useful it is going to be: but I was told in one mock that since you are female candidate, and if you happen to face a board who has female member- you might probably be questioned on women issues.

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