[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #40 : M Sathiyavathy Board, law Optional, watching legal web series and yoga Hobbies

Date of Interview: 3rd Feb
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: LLB
Optional: law
Home State: Indore, Madhya Pradesh
Hobbies: watching legal web series and yoga
Work: Sports Authority of India


  1. Meaning of your name
  2. She asked me about a south Indian actress with similar name (I didn’t know)
  3. Where have you been working and since when
  4. Before work what were you doing (I said was in prep)
  5. What is NGT and its work
    Where does the appeal of NGT lies
  6. Does constitution needs review
  7. What are basic structures of our constitution
  8. Is it in the original constitution or not (i said no, then she asked then how can you say they are basic structures)
  9. Recent Laws that came out because of people’s general will (i said RTI and triple talak law, she referred to 377 law)

Member 2

  1. Is it justified to ban vehicles after 10/15 yrs on account of environment. Isn’t it a burden on people. What can be alternatives
  2. Which legal web series you are watching and which one is your favourite (hobby)
  3. Favourite character

Member 3

  1. Schemes related to children (daf based)
  2. What’s happening in Iran (they meant women suppression issue)
  3. What do you mean by underprivileged (daf based – part of program to teach underprivileged children)
    Follow up – do you think they are really underprivileged
  4. What is your job profile
  5. Difference between SAI and sports university

Member 4

  1. Have you heard of housing act. How homelessness can be eradicated. can it be fully eradicated
  2. As a law student what is your opinion on movie puspha
  3. Why such movies are allowed (such illegal and violence based)
  4. Compare planned city of Naya Raipur and Bhopal

Member 5

  1. What is money laundering
  2. What is the legal law for it(PMLA)
  3. International body (FATF and follow up questions on consequences of being in the grey list and who is in black list and grey list)
  4. Budget provisions in constitution
  5. Parliamentary terms of adjournment sine die and prorogation differences

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