[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #48 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Utter Pradesh Home State, Economics Optional, Robotics, Football Hobbies

Date of Interview: 6th Feb
Session: Forenoon (last to go)
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Background: B.Tech Textile Technology, IIT Delhi.
Optional: Economics
Home State: Utter Pradesh
Hobbies: Mathura, Run for Laadli Half Marathon, Robotics, Football,
Keyword: Global Financial crisis, Infotainment shows.
WorkEx: 6 months Business Analyst @ Ola
Category: Visually Impaired (PwBD-2)
Chairman reads out DAF.


  1. What are you doing since 2019?
  2. What did you do in your job?
  3. Why did you not prepare along job?
  4. What is Run For Laadli?
  5. What is the status of women in UP?
  6. First tell me about scene in Mathura.

Member 1

  1. Why so many widows in Vrindavan? Why not somewhere else?
  2. What would you as administrator do for widows in Vrindavan?
  3. But will talking to widow’s family work?
  4. Are most of these widows Bengali? (Sorry sir)
  5. So how do you show leadership?
  6. How would you build consensus during communal violence? (I mentioned consensus formation in last answer).
  7. But nowadays there is no leaders in violence. (I said religious leaders above).
  8. I said nowadays there is a hidden leader which is social media and we need to check such instances.
  9. You mentioned Eastern UP & Bundelkhand (I did in an answer), why are they relatively backward?
  10. Is enough being done for these regions or are they just exhibition of poverty?

Member 2

  1. What is Aspirational District Program?
  2. Is it even working?
  3. So you are a textile engineer, tell me about economics of textile sector of India.
  4. Why small countries doing better than India in textiles?
  5. Cross question on labour costs.
  6. What can be done to lower labour costs in India?
  7. I mentioned focusing PMKVY like schemes on textiles, to which chairman intervened and said isn’t that already a part?

Member 3

  1. Monologue on gender equality, what to do?
  2. All that you said sounds good, but what to do realistically?
  3. Monologue on family as the first place to bring a change for gender equality. Why so many crimes against women in UP which is increasing day by day?
  4. You play football, what position?
  5. What major events have happened regarding football in last 1 year?
  6. Name the quarter finalists of FIFA WC. (Actually wanted semi-finalists)
  7. Any thing else? (I said U17 women World Cup in India)
  8. He replied you missed the great Pele died.

Member 4

  1. You have economics optional. What is Development economics?
  2. Name few economists working in this field?
  3. What has India done on lines of development economics?
  4. What is taught in Textile engineering in IITs?
  5. Is anything taught on machinery and production?
  6. Tell me about handloom sector in India.
  7. How can you use what you learnt in engineering for handlooms?
  8. Anything related to technology upgradation and machines for them?

Member 3 Again

  1. How would you distinguish a saree wether it is hand-woven or power loom? I
  2. said uneven texture.
  3. Again asked can you do it while a shopkeeper tries to sell it to you by claiming it as handwoven?
  4. I said that will be very difficult for me.
  5. They all had a chat around this topic and laughed.

Chairman asks what is the difference between fibre, filament, yarn and thread? Corrected me once, I said thank you.
Your interview is over thank you and all the best.

I hope this comprehensive transcript helps someone.
Utility of Mock: Builds confidence and gives directions of questions to prepare in DAF.
Suggestion: Be confident, humble and enthusiastic.
All the best everyone.

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