[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #51 : M Sathiyavathy Board, Geography Optional, Bihar Home State,

Date of Interview: 6/2, Afternoon session
Board: M Sathiyavathy
Optional: Geography
Home State: Bihar
Background: Hansraj College, DU
No questions on hobbies


  1. Didn’t you think about doing PG?
  2. What were you doing since 2021?
  3. Since IFS is your first preference, who out of Putin, Erdogan and Trump is most important for India’s interest?
  4. Some counter questions from ma’am and other members.
  5. How do you see the Russia-Ukraine war in near future? Any solutions.
    Impact of war on agriculture and India’s role.
  6. Some counter questions.

Member 1

  1. Talked about development schemes not working in Bihar and asked about the reasons. Long discussion on this.
  2. Discussion on money laundering.

Member 2

  1. Asked about tiger reserves and some names.
  2. Cheetah relocation.
  3. Difference between cheetah and leopard.

Member 3

  1. India-Nepal relations discussion
  2. Problems faced by Bihar as a border state.
  3. India-China border dispute and asked me for some solutions.
  4. For some weird reason, she was asking me two part questions like cause and solutions and when I started answering the cause part, she interrupted me in both and told me that she was asking for solutions.

Member 4

  1. Read about what candidates say when asked for the reasons to join civil services and asked me do you have anything different to add.
  2. Then, he went into physics because I had PCM in 12th and asked about uncertainty principle.
  3. Member 1 asked about Hindustani vocal music as I had it as one of the subjects in 12th.(told them about my choice between physical education and HVM)
  4. Then all laughed out on my answer and Sathiyavathi ma’am asked why not
  5. Physical education and then what exercise I do for keeping myself fit. When I answered in the negative, she jokingly told me to start exercising because it would be a desk job.

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