[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #68 : Smita Nagraj ma’am Board, Literature of Sanskrit Optional, Haryana Home State

Date of Interview: 08 February 2023
Duration: Around 30 Minutes, Forenoon Session
Board: Smita Nagraj ma’am
Home State: Haryana
Current Service: ICAS
Optional: Literature of Sanskrit


  1. What are the main provisions of the recent budget
  2. Provisions that attract you
  3. What provisions have been made for the MSME sector
  4. What is the definition of StartUps
  5. What are the criteria of StartUps
  6. Give examples of some successful StartUps
  7. What can the government do against companies that show overvalue in the corporate sector(Adani Case)
  8. What challenges are you facing after coming from AFHQ service to Accounting service

Member 1

  1. Which language is old among Sanskrit and Prakrit language
  2. Tell the literary features of Kalidas
  3. Mention the contribution of Panini in Indian Linguistic study
  4. What is the contribution of Panini in the literature of Kalidas
  5. What are the reasons for the present condition of Sanskrit language

Member 2

  1. Explain the role of Government Accounting Standards Advisory Board (GASAB) in accounting
  2. What is the composition of GASAB
  3. Which Accounting Standards does the Government of India currently use
  4. What is the difference between Defence, Railway, IP&TAF, IA&AS and Civil accounting
  5. What is PFMS System
  6. What are the achievements of PFMS System so far
  7. Challenges for GoI related to PFMS System

Member 3

  1. What is Jallikattu practice and in which area it is prevalent
  2. Is this practice fair
  3. What are the provisions for the protection of animals
  4. Is Sanskrit a religious language
  5. What is the myth about Kalidasa
  6. According to you, is it right to teach Gita in schools

Member 4

  1. Has the government been successful in doubling the income of the farmers?
  2. What are your suggestions for the upliftment of marginal farmers?
  3. What is the role of FPOs in agriculture
  4. Tell innovative solutions to resolve stubble burning issue
  5. What are the provisions for farmers in the recent budget

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