[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #87 : Preeti Sudan Board, anthropology Optional, Maharashtra Home State

Date of Interview: 13th Feb 2023 Forenoon-third to go
Board: Preeti Sudan
Optional: anthropology
Background: B tech-only one Q
Hobbies: (nothing on it)
Home State: Maharashtra
Duration: 35 min


  1. topics of your street-play?(college extra curricular-I mentioned malnutrition in children)
  2. steps as DM for reducing malnutrition?
  3. mentioned corruption in the last ans for PDS-so madam asked will biometrics help to reduce it?

Member 1

  1. agencies for investigation of corruption cases?
  2. how ED works?what is your opinion about allegation of political interference?
  3. any Act for money laundering?
  4. revenue deficit, capital deficit, fiscal deficit, current account deficit? FY 23-24 targets for fiscal deficit?
  5. can EVM be hacked? Your opinion?
  6.  anti defection law-any changes needed?
  7. what was the case of maharashtra with respect to it?
  8.  when it will be applicable-number of MLAs needed when defection is allowed? For merger?

Member 2

  1. (was encouraging throughout)
  2. why you want to be a civil servant?
  3. What difficulty you faced to shift from engineering to CSE?
  4. subjects you liked in school/college?(i said mathematics)
  5. why mathematics is important in life?
  6. role of statistics in arts?
  7. situation-city A and city B having 50 and 100 criminals respectively and number increased by 10 in both.. which one is doing better among them to tackle crime?
  8. why so much hype about environment conservation?
  9. Steps needed for that?
  10. why we failed to improve public transport? how to improve public transport?
  11. why to build roads and bridges?
  12.  why work from home is feasible?shall it be made mandatory for all?

Member 3

  1. connection of Punjab with my district..
  2. what do you know about place Ralegansidhhi in Maharashtra?
  3. watershed development?
  4. can it be used in Vidarbha and Marathwada ? How?
  5. modes through which services can be exchanged between countries?

Member 4

  1. Mission of your life?
  2. goal of your life?
  3. areas you want to work in if you become a civil servant?
  4. elaborate each one of them?
  5. national health policy? Provisions? Current status of insurance in India?
  6. what is sustainable development?
  7. SDG goals… mention few of them..

Chair mam- thank you…

Utility of mocks-didn’t give many.. only one samkalp ..was a good experience.. kind of a simulation..

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