[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #91 : Preeti Sudan Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Hindi literature Optional, yoga, Hindi poetry Hobbies

Date of Interview: 14/02Afternoon, 2nd to go, 25-30 mins
Board: Preeti Sudan
Background: electronics engineer {by mistake}
Home State:  Uttar Pradesh
Optional: Hindi literature
Hobbies: Vedic mathematics, bhawna yoga, paper craft, Hindi poetry, college magazine editor, research paper


  1. Be comfortable we just want to talk to you
  2. Tell me something interesting about your district
  3. You write hindi poem,
  4. Recite your any poem
  5. How you decide theme of ur poetry?
  6. In which journal you published  your research paper?
  7. What was the idea in your research paper? Some cross question

Member 1

  1. In continuation of published paper
  2. Relevance of magzine in today’s
  3. Digital vs physical magzine
  4. Question related to finance commission (15th and16th)
  5. Some more question on economy (not recalling)

Member 2

  1. What did u presented in Innovation conclave { cross question}
  2. What is start up?
  3. Any institution, which promoting startup or financing startup?
  4. Sidbi
  5. Discussion on startup*

Member 3

  1. Was Your innovation project and final year project  same?
  2. What you did in your final year project?{traffic signal for color blind person}
  3. cross Question related to final year project
  4. What is the latest chip size ?
  5. Nanometer means?
  6. Size of atom?
  7. Moore’s law?
  8. Is moore’s law  scientific or just possiblity/observations?
  9. Is it possible zero size of chip?
  10. Basic science question (sudden bomb)
  11. { Keel ko ulta thokege to kya hoga?}
  12. {Garmi m pankhe ke niche thanda kyu feel krte h}

Member  4

  1. A long monologue about turkey situation nd india’s help?
  2. Why india is doing so?
  3. Importance of turkey for india
  4. India’s relation with turkey
  5. Strategic /geographical importance of turkey?
  6. trade relation with russia?
  7. from which route russian fuel come to india?
  8. {Essence- unko sunna tha ki turkey se relation achhe krne ka karan- russia s aane wale oil jo ki bosphorus and dardenells straight se ate h}
  9. your District’s location, which looks forcefully connected to uttarpradesh.
  10. {Everyone can guess district}
  11. Why is it in Uttar Pradesh? Why not giving to madhyapradesh?

    Chairwoman – thank you, all the best👍
    * Limited mock * just for confidence and making ur reply crisp nd balanced.

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