[UPSC Interview 2022] – Transcript #97 : Preeti Sudan Board, Hindi literature Optional, Table tennis Hobby

Date of Interview: 16/02/23
Board: Preeti Sudan
Optional: Hindi literature
Background: ECE branch, Department of commerce and industries,
Hobbies: mandala drawing,Table tennis, Jhunjhunu ,parents background is education


  1. Civil services ko pursue karne ka trigger point kya tha aapka?
  2. Aap already state service me hai ias me to aapko north east bhi mil sakta hai tab kya karengi ?
  3. Gargi puraskar k baare me bataaye
  4. Mandala drawing kya hoti hai ?

Member 1

  1. What is GIS ?
  2. How it can be used in administration?
  3. How in flood management GSI used ?
  4. What other geological survey related program of Govt?
  5. Agar aapko DM bana diya jaaye to GIS ka use kar k kaise monitoring karengi ?
  6. Agar GIS k through ghar baithkar bhi decision liya ja sakta hai to what is need of panachayat and all ?
  7. Qus asked about walkie talkie communication
  8. How will you use knowledge of your branch/Engg in administration?And follow on qus.
  9. Hindi sahitya ne aapki personality me kya change Kiya ? And how will you use it in administration?

Member 2

  1. Violence against women k liye Govt k steps ? And follow on qus
  2. As a DM what will you do to reduce violence ?
  3. Have you use GIS based app for topography analysis?
  4. Jhunjhunu k baare me batayen

Member 3

  1. Elementary education kya hoti hai ?
  2. Kaunsi skills par hum isme focus karte hain?
  3. NRF ?
  4. Foreign universities in India what are your views on it?
  5. What are msmes ? Ask for a detailed answer about facilitation of msmes.
  6. Give examples of each micro ,small,medium enterprises ?
  7. Issues faced by msmes?Solutions?

Member 4

  1. Women players of table tennis in India ?
  2. TT India me itna famous kyo nahi hai ?
  3. What need to be done in this direction?
  4. EVM related qus
  5. online voting par views ?
  6. Which social media platform do you use ?
  7. Do you think a civil servant should use social media ?Experience – Daf based tha mainly and board was cordial .
    Utility of mocks – Helps in building confidence and handling qus outrightly.

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