[UPSC Interview transcript #1] Sujata Mehta board, Mechanical Engineer, Madhya Pradesh Home State, Jhabua district, Table Tennis Hobby

Contributed by: ForumIAS community member
Date: 17th Feb
Board : Sujata Mehta maam
Edu. : Mechanical engineering
Employment & work-ex: Automobile Sector
Domicile: Jhabua
Hobby: Table Tennis


  1. You’re an engineer what drove you to civil services?
  2. Why is it that the people in rural areas tend more towards civil services and people from urban areas have an inclination more towards the other fields? What shapes their choices?
  3. If you had to choose one sector in civil services which would you choose?

Member 1

  1. Let’s talk about jhabua? There is a royal head even today. Do you think they have not done enough for the people of jhabua ? 
  2. What are the reasons for its backwardness? 

Member 3

  1. I will continue with TT. If a junior player comes to you for advice what advice would you give him? 
  2. As a mechanical engineer, where do you see the car industry 5 years from now? 
  3. There have been changes in our culture due to various factors. 
  4. Have you heard of phoolan Devi? She killed 18 people. Is killing right in your opinion?

Member 4

  1. Do you know about nirbhaya fund? PocsoMid-day meal scheme 
  2. Issues in higher education sector? Does your college has any link up with the industries? Do you know about Naxalism? 
  3. There is a unique characteristic associated to it in india. Do you know that? 

Member 5

  1. Name some female parliamentarians? 
  2. If I had to buy a car which one would you suggest under 10 lakh? 
  3. As a female you chose mechanically, but women usually go for other branches like circuit branches. Some questions I am unable to recall. 

Interview Questions from 17th Feb: 

  1. Recently, a Badminton player got a national award, who & what is that award? 
  2. Mary Kom got the award, what is that? 
  3. Who received Bharat Ratna recently? 
  4. A female Hockey player received an International award recently, what is it? 
  5. Why sports other than Tennis, Cricket, Badminton are not gaining popularity? 
  6. Social media – opinion (Good/Bad)?
  7. What should be the priorities of a young civil servant placed at a responsible position in the lower level, say District Magistrate/ Collector? 
  8. Should Betting (in sports & in general) be regulated – opinion? 
  9. Media is invading privacy (individuals, institutions) – what should be done? 
  10. Do you think Coronavirus is a biological weapon by China? 
  11. Are international bodies- UN, WTO losing relevance !? What’s their future. 
  12. Politics is the art of possible. What’s your view on this. 
  13. Did you visit all NE states? 
  14. What are some issues faced by NE states- individual. 
  15. Is changing parties after elections legal, ethical. 
  16. How would you categorise a society developed. Tell indicators. 
  17. In civil services, you will face issues. What are they? How will you deal with them? 
  18. The contribution of agriculture is very less to GDP, tell me why we are not possible to increase contribution 
  19. what is institutional credit and priority sector lending 
  20. Brexit and it’s impact on EU and reasons for Brexit 
  21. Did UK join Brexit earlier wholehearted 
  22. Opinion about ASEAN 
  23. Regional grouping is better or bilateral relations are better for our country 
  24. Why quality of engineers is not up to mark as per industry standard 
  25. Tell me about samagra shiksha abhiyan and how it is helpful to increase quality of primary education 
  26. Tell me at least 5 reasons for farmers suicide 
  27. There is repeated drought and floods in India, tell me how garland of canals can help to solve these problems 

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