[UPSC Interview Transcript #10] B.B. Vyas Board, Rajasthan Home State, B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Interview Date: 11th February 2020
Board: B.B. Vyas
Background: B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering
Home State: Rajasthan


  1. What have you been doing since your graduation?
  2. Have you also applied for other exams?
  3. Tell me about shell companies and measures taken by the government to tackle it? (Work experience)
  4.  Question on Bombay high?  (Work experience)
  5. Reasons for the push towards Gas based economy? (follow- up from the last question)
  6. Schemes of govt. to promote gas in India
  7. Shilpgram (Cultural festival of hometown)
  8. Kathputli and Handicrafts promotion measures (follow-up)
  9. Explain this quote “Celebrate diversity, unity follows” (pointing towards a calendar hanging in the room on which the quote was written)
  10. Schemes of the govt. to promote unity in the country.

Member 1

  1. What is a biomolecule? (He himself explained)
  2. Elements of a biomolecule, in our body, etc. (He himself kept explaining and asking further questions)
  3. Cell theory and details.
  4. Types of protected areas in Rajasthan
  5. Names of national parks in Rajasthan
  6. The actual geographical area of forest cover in Rajasthan, not in percentage terms.

Member 2

  1. Forest near your college, reasons for man-animal conflict.
  2. Examples of environment conservation movements in India
  3. Why Bhutan is a net carbon-negative emission country?
  4. Are Indians undisciplined? Should military training be made compulsory for all the citizens like in Singapore to make them disciplined?

Member 3

  1. When UPSC IFS interviews started? When getting over? No. of candidates?
  2. Why so many candidates from Rajasthan?
  3. Difference between conflict and war?
  4. Difference between protection and conservation?

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