[UPSC Interview Transcript #111]: RN. Choubey Board

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Date of Interview: 05.03.2020 a/n
Board: RN. Choubey


C: which language u r comfortable Hindi, English, or mix.
C: tell me something about ur education and work experience?
C: postal department is not of much relevance today no one use letters nowadays also private companies are here then why so much of resources and work force.
C: but people are not using letters and technology is also here how to cut workforce by half or how much?
C: privatisation and disinvestment, it is good? according to u where and which PSU v should disincentivise and which one not also why v should not look for profit.

Member 1

M1: what is bipolar disorder? Is it same as manic depression disorder?
M1: what is new psychology? U heard of wundt how he contribute ?
M1: what is difference between growth and development?
M1: and now the difference between economic growth and economic development?

Member 2

M2: what is the judgment of SC regarding cryptocurrencies please educate us?
M2: there is mentioning of proportionality also in judgment, what was it?
M2: tell us about IRDA and what are its functions.
M2: do it decide premium rate also?
M2: there is actuarial science in insurance sector, what is that and its functions?

Member 3

M3: what is brexit, explain?
M3: what impacts would be there on eu and Britain on Brexit.
M3: how they are resolving the ireland issue?
M3: what is the framework they are working on to solve the matter.
M3: what is NATO also after trump’s visit in India what are the recent developments w.r.t. NATO.

Member 4

M4: how we acquire land in India?
M4: full form of the land act and also compare between land act 2013 and 1894?
M4: is it rt to acquire fertile land for inra dev?
M4: Tell us something about online stalkers what is the psychology behind all this?
M4: what is the provision of organ trade in India, don’t you think we should legalise it. What is ur view should we start allowing organ trade?

C: Thanks anything you expected that we will ask but we didn’t. Also that u want to tell us but unable to say as we didn’t ask the same.
C: Thanks it was nice talking to you ur interview is over

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