[UPSC Interview Transcript #119]: TCA  Anant Board, PMRDF,  IFS Service, Bird Watching, skill Development Hobbies

Board: TCA  Anant
Service:  PMRDF,  IFS
Hobbies: Bird watching, skill development


  1. Asked about education qualification and work-ex
  2. Where have u worked is it the Naxal area
  3. What is the work you have done?
  4. Why tribal land is grabbed
  5. If indebtness is cause, one has to repay, so what’s problem there
  6. What are various acts regarding the protection of land rights are they implemented well

Member 1

  1. Asked about Disha incident
  2. Is it correct to encounter
  3. What is way ahead, what is deterrence
  4. She asked about all Indian judicial services.
  5. Is it needed, will it bring transformation
  6. What is stopping it?
  7. What is procedure for appointment of judges at a higher level
  8. What is problem there

Member 2

  1. What is mission Kakatiya
  2. What is your work?
  3. What kind of changes you brought.
  4. What is tribal perception about Naxals are people with us or Naxals, what is ground level perception.

Member 3

  1. What is ERP?
  2. Asked about a software that I haven’t heard
  3. What is the bank rate?
  4. How are interest rates calculated
  5. What is hypothecation
  6. How do u differentiate between urban area, rural area, tribal area
  7. what is a tribal area?

Member 4

  1. India low in ease of doing, what can be done
  2. low in transparency index, what can be done
  3. What govt doing for financial inclusion.
  4. What is Pravasi Bharat di was it its success?
  5. He asked about some economic survey questions.
  6. One lady member also asked about the river water dispute.

Chairman said your interview is over. Humbly came out with smile on their face??

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