[UPSC Interview Transcript #12]: TCA Anant Sir, Hyderabad Home State, Sociology Optional, Following F1 Motorsport, Teaching children hobbies

  • Interview date: 18 Feb 2020
  • Board: TCA ANANT Sir, Morning session
  • Background: B.Tech(Chemical engineering)
  • Home State: Hyderabad
  • Optional: Sociology
  • Hobbies: Following F1 Motorsport, Teaching children
  • Third-person to go Time: 11 AM


  1. Why did you opt for sociology even after having an engineering background?
  2. What the name of your college? (Passes on to M1)

Member 1

  1. What is there for the farmers in the recent budget?
  2. Tell me about Kisan rail.
  3. What is net neutrality? Is there any authority to regulate it?
  4. What can we do to control the burgeoning population? Follow up questions
  5. What is the national biofuels policy?

(Passes on to M2)

Member 2

  1. what is vivaad se Vishwas?
  2. what is the difference between chemicals and petrochemicals?
  3. What has the government done to help the working class?
  4. Tell me about the codification of the labour laws.
  5. Tell me any labour law that has led to relief to the working class.

(Chairman interrupts and passes on to M3)

Member 3

  1. Have you read this book called(forgot the name)…it is about Hyderabad?
  2. Why do you like teaching the children?
  3. What is your opinion regarding private coaching and tuition?
  4. what can we do to improve the education system
  5. what will you do as a DM of a district to improve the education system?
  6. some other follow up questions

(Passes on to M4)

Member 4

  1. So you like F1 racing….why? 2- Can you tell me which Indian company currently has an F1 team (humbly told that it’s Formula E and not F1)
  2. What is the current scenario of F1 in India?
  3. Any prominent Indian racers?
  4. What the future of F1 in India?
  5. Ok tell me what is WTO Follow up questions
  6. What is piracy in oceans?
  7. Why is there conflict in Africa?
  8. What is a blood diamond?
  9. Can you tell me which element was discovered recently that is more precious than a diamond? Some casual words from

Chairman: your interview is over … thank you.

Very cordial board (especially the chairman….he was smiling throughout the interview)

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