[UPSC Interview Transcript #121]: PK Joshi Board, Andhra Pradesh Home State, Sociology Optional, Tennis Hobby

Date of Interview: 9 AM 20th Feb, 1st one to go
Board: PK Joshi
Background:  M.Sc Physics (IIT Roorkee)
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Andhra Pradesh
Hobby: Tennis
6th attempt, 2nd interview


  1. Roorkee college, who established, timelines of  university of Roorkee.
  2. About 7-8 years of gap, is it not wastage of national resources?
  3. Indian sociologists? MN Srinivas contribution?

Member 1

  1. Any teacher that inspired you in school? Any books he recommended to you?
  2. March 8 significance? How did it become women’s Day? Is it okay to have ONE day for women?
  3. Do women have equality in India? Historically?
  4. Ramachandra Guha’s 50-50 comment on Indian democracy? Democracy status in India? Success? Penetrated enough?

Member 2

  1. About my work (in vision IAS), what did you learn? How do implement that in administration?
  2. Differences you observed between North and South India?
  3. One thing you liked in North India that you would like to implement in South India?
  4. Balance of payment? BoP in domestic? (I was clueless)

Member 3

  1. About violence in Rayalaseema in 1970’s? Bellary iron mafia? (I’m from Kadapa district)
  2. About godmen in Andhra and India? Are they conmen? Why do they exist? Do you believe it?
  3. How did communists in Telengana lose influence post-independence?

Member 4

  1. About Roorkee place? Canals?
  2. About Nadal’s performance at Wimbledon? (Tennis hobby)
  3. Politicians are outcomes of society. What shall we do to transform society so that we can have clean politics?
  4. If two 50ml liquids with pH of 5 and 7 are mixed, what’s the resultant liquids pH?

Overall, there were several disappointing moments, exciting moments, fumbling, conviction, etc

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