[UPSC Interview Transcript #122]: A S Bhonsle Board, Management Optional

Board: A S Bhonsle
Background: Engg (E&C), MBA (Fin)
Work-ex: 5 years (Cisco, Crisil, Cognizant)
Optional: Management


  1. How would you control traffic – innovative ways (I started with tech and other initiatives. He asked me to talk about traffic control and not traffic mgt.). reference: Bangalore, & some startup that operates with shared workspace on a need basis apparently.

Member 1

  1. What would you do to address the situation of sports in India (I think it was at school level. Don’t remember exactly. I spoke about giving equal importance to both studies and sports as part of the curriculum, incentivising parents and teachers…).
  2. Learning from work-ex that I would implement in civil service (I talked about employee engagement, performance-based incentives, autonomy, and ownership of initiatives)
  3. Ways how corporate and civil service are similar and different (that I would have to get accustomed to. Spoke about having to change my orientation from profit to service/Public)

Member 2

  1. Is IPL good? (said Yes, it brings talent and give opportunity to many)
  2. What’s the idea behind pink ball cricket? (said it is related to visibility and ability to play day-night tests)
  3. 3 traits you think a leader should have (Team player, leading by example, EQ. There was followup question to which I fumbled)

Member 3

  1. Interlinking of rivers – pros and cons

Member 4

  1. Sledging (IPL and players from diff nationalities playing together and its impact on their international games vis-a-vis sledging)
  2. Is guitar part of English orchestra? Ref: guitar

Overall – good. Nice board, kept giving positive reinforcement as I went through my answers.

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