[UPSC Interview Transcript #123]: BB Vyas Board, Bihar Home State, Public Administration Optional, Reading Books Hobby

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Interview Date: 27th Feb 2020 forenoon.1st to go
Board: Bharat Bhushan Vyas sir
Background: Electronics Engineering
Optional: Public Administration
Home State: Bihar
Hobby: Reading Books


  1. You are an electronics engineer in 2014 pass out then you joined EPFO in 2018. What were you doing from 2014 to 2018?
  2. You are in job so how do u get time to study?
  3. why did u chose public administration as optional? What is the criteria for coverage under EPFO?
  4. How will EPFO ensure that an establishment complies as per the law?
  5. How do we ensure transparency in procurement through GEM?
  6. If you have to buy furniture for your office would you use GEM or private vendors?
  7. what would you have done as Delhi police commissioner during the recent riots?
  8. would you have led from the front or only given orders from your office?
  9. Would you have focussed on providing security for Trump or stopping the Delhi riots?
  10. What is String of pearls? Name ports and bases of China .what is India doing to counter it?

Member 1

  1. What is reverse mortgage?
  2. What is the repo rate?
  3. Why is govt merging banks? Cross questions.

Member 2

  1. Tell me 5 places in India you would promote for tourism if you are taking part in an international conference. Name one place with cultural significance for tourism showcasing Indian heritage.
  2. Where is Mundra port? which group holds it?

Member 3

  1. What is the meaning of sitamarhi (my district) Why was sita named as sita?
  2. Why are we not able to stop floods in north Bihar? your district is at Nepal border so what are the problems faced?
  3. What kind of history books do you read( my hobby)? Have You read Great Mughals?
  4. Name a famous historian from Bihar.
  5. Do you know about Ramdhari Singh Dinkar?
  6. Have you read his poems? Recite a few lines of his poem

Member 4

  1. It is critised that history writing in India is not fact-based. Do you agree?
  2. What is your opinion about the works of Jadunath Sarkar and RS Sharma?
  3. Why was Rajgir famous?
  4. Why is no Indian institute in top 100 in higher education rankings worldwide?
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