[UPSC Interview Transcript #129]: Telangana Home State, Anthropology Optional

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Optional: Anthropology
Date of Interview: 02.03.2020
Home State: Telangana


  1. Monday morning and the first person in the list, How do you feel?
  2. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of being the first to come.
  3. So you chose anthropology after engineering, why?
  4. Cultural Relativism is a dear concept for Anthropology. So do you see any relevance if it today?
  5. And one more question I don’t remember.
  6. There is a major discussion on the 5Tn economy, what is it?
  7. What is the difference between GDP and GVA
  8. What are our major exports?

Member 1

  1. Can you recall any 3important happening in the last year internationally? (I wasn’t able to. )
  2. Can you recall any important happenings in the last year nationally?
  3. But chandrayaan was a failure.? (Based on the previous answer)
  4. What are the 2qualities that a leader should not be having?
  5. Tell me one leader in your personal life. And why is he/she a leader according to you?
  6. You have such a long name, why is that so?

Member 2

  1. Anthropology and tribals. Why is it essential?
  2. Anthropology how is it relevant today?
  3. So you’re a technocrat. How do you think the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi is relevant in today’s technology.
  4. Sophia the robot, how do you see the use of sophia in India.

Member 3

  1. You’re from Telangana, (I corrected and said AP)
  2. So what is the genesis of Naxalism in AP and Telangana?
  3. How can be addressed?
  4. You studied in Vellore, but there are very good colleges in Andhra Pradesh also, why is that so?

Member 4

  1. So you’re a writer, and an avid reader. So have you heard of the Indus to Vaigai book? I said I haven’t heard.
  2. There was an article in the Hindu also and I think all the aspirants do read the hindu. I again said I am sorry ma’am I haven’t come across it.
  3. Then she explained me the basics of the book. And said the author is a civil Servant. So do you feel civil servants should write books?
  4. Why do people write books in general?
  5. Then why does Chetan Bhagat write a book?
  6. You got this special achievers award in college, why is that given?
  7. Do you know the trade share of india in the global trade?
  8. . Why are there no prominent ports in the east coast and very busy ports in the west coast. So, being an anthropology student, do you know how the British got Mumbai? I said I don’t know. So you swim? Recreational or competition? I said recreational and there were no further questions on it.
  9. You have such a long name, What do your friends call you?
  1. When is the national voter day celebrated.
  2. Why do we need a special voters day?

Overall the board was very cordial.


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