[UPSC Interview Transcript #13]: Bhonsle Sir Board, Madhya Pradesh State, Commerce (CA) Optional, Football, Meditation Hobbies

Duration: 30 mins
Board: Bhonsle Sir
Employee: Chartered Accountant
Home State: Madhya Pradesh (Ujjain)
Optional: Commerce (CA)
Hobbies: Football, Meditation


Asked about Pele (football legend) health and financial issues.

Member 1

  1. AGR issue is going on, I think this is all fault of Chartered Accountants. They advise them to not pay these dues.
  2. All these billionaires, the top 10 percent are accusing the system that it has allowed them to garner so much wealth, while at the same time they are doing nothing about it. Don’t you think it is hypocrisy from their side?
  3. Leaving aside those who are doing charity, but what about those who are still accusing the system and not even doing charity.

Member 2

  1. What is the difference between LCD and LED?
  2. Why so many frauds recently in your profession, what do we need to do?

Member 3

  1. Tell me about Ujjain, what is so famous about it?
  2. Who is one of the most intelligent personalities from Ujjain?
  3. What government is doing to preserve our heritage and culture?
  4. Why should we preserve such heritage? (I told about this is part of values system and rich culture)
  5. We can protect monuments and architectural sites, how do we protect this value system you are talking about?
  6. How these heritage sites are linked to our folk culture?

Member 4

  1. Tell me positive and negative about the Internal rate of return?
  2. What are your service preferences?
  3. Why IAS as 1st?
  4. Chairman, You talked about Mr. Ratan Tata, tell me who has taken over him for charitable purpose? (Mr. Azim Premji)
  5. Have you visited the last Kumbh Mela? Tell me how will you organize the next Kumbh, what will be your priorities?

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