[UPSC Interview Transcript #131]: BB Vyas Board, Uttar Pradesh Home State, Geography Optional

Interview Date: 4th March 2020, Afternoon session
Board: BB VYAS sir
Optional: Geography
BSc Physics (Hons) – BHU
Hobbies: Chess and meditation


  1. Maurya, what would be current temperature in Delhi as per u(job-related).
  2. what is today’s AQI of Delhi
  3. Which newspaper have u read today
  4. Three eye-catching news from front page
  5. Three throughout the newspaper- (I said coronavirus, turkey Syria problem related news and
  6. India’s semis with England in women’s t20).
  7. What is the importance of khadi when everybody including me and u has started wearing western dresses (pointing towards my suit)?
  8. Diff bw intensity and magnitude of earthquake
  9. How do we measure them
  10. In how many earthquake zones India is divided Delhi in which zone
  11. What is vipassana ( a technique of meditation)
  12. why everybody who teach meditation are so much obsessed with breathing ( he gave examples of baba ramdev and sri sri ravishankar)

Member 1

  1. Tell me three reasons why road accident happens in UP(I said lack of scientific design, rash driving and lack of awareness)
  2. Don’t u think corruption is granting license is one major problem..Then no followup question since u have also studied maths tell me what is magic number
  3. Why do we observe more cyclones in East coast of india than west coast
  4. major challenge of mirzapur (my home district)follow up questions were- challenge of carpet industry, which european country alleged use of child labour in this industry.
  5. Tell me some aasan to cure diabetes and back pain

Member 2

  1. viswanathan anand and Spain citizenship issue
  2. who came to india as cheif guest on26th january this year
  3. What was criticism surrounding this
  4. tell me current status of education in the country.
  5. What are the challenges in school and college education
  6. what is special about Caspian sea is it salt water or fresh water

Member 3

  1. Two challenges specific to UP – I said regional inequality and law and order issue
  2. Reasons for both Solutions Tell about some more challenges of Mirzapur
  3. What will be your focus when u become DM of Mirzapur.
  4. How will u promote tourism there?
  5. Where is pipari dam challenges of Brassware industry in Mirzapur why

Member 4

  1. Did it collapse in Mirzapur but still flourishing in Moradabad.
  1. THANKU MAURYA JI, your interview is over.
  2. Total time Around 35-38 minutes
  3. I’ve missed some questions
  4. There were total six members…One lady member joined later ..She sat towards my immediate Right
  5. and kept telling hindi meaning of english words which were used by members ( my interview
  6. medium was hindi) but didn’t ask any question.
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