[UPSC Interview Transcript #137]: PK. Joshi Board, Rajasthan Home State, PSIR Optional

Date of Interview: 06 march
Board: PK JOSHI sir
Forenoon 5th to go
Optional: PSIR
Hobbies: Football, lawn tennis
Background: BE in mechanical
Home State: Rajasthan


  1. Read my daf
  2. why do you want to join already in services
  3. you are from dausa (place of birth) tell me specific things about dausa
  4. strengths and weaknesses of RAJASTHAN
  5. abc analysis
  6. SWAT analysis

Member 1

  1. how it will affect us…in connectivity
  2. brexit how it will impact india
  3. importanceof bangladesh geostrategically
  4. any disputes with bangladesh

Member 2

  1. As a sports secretary of india what would you do
  2. Asked about recent news in indian football regarding reliance.
  3. lawn tennis….. recent news of sharapova
  4. hobbes locke and Rousseau’s theory

Member 3

  1. diff between PVTG and normal tribes
  2. should we do away with the benefits of tribes other than PVTG
  3. recent internal decisions of india taken to international bodies
  4. you talked about mob lynching…but that is only recent …how can you generalise it and say it is a weakness
  5. NAM ….its relevance today
  6. what is the criteria of giving study leave in railways

Member 4

  1. before donald trump we saw pakistan coming close to US …how it affects us
  2. how is pakistan able to take the issues to the UN
  3. indian PM going abroad and addressing indian diaspora….your views on it
  4. who founded BIT …his fathers name
  1. OK Thank you.
  2. more questions were asked specially by M4 … can’t remember now
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