[UPSC Interview Transcript #14]: BS Bassi sir, Delhi Home State, Sociology Optional, Cricket & Foodball hobbies

Board: BS Bassi sir
Background: civil engineering
Optional: sociology
Home State: Delhi
Hobbies: Cricket and football


  1. Is it your photo,- cant see clearly said yes, but it wasn’t me, again showed me, I said no sir. He smiled and talked in Hindi
  2. Why you want to become Ias. Sir joked in between gundagardi to nhi Karni.. everyone laughed

Member 2

  1. 27 October 1947 what happened?
  2. Tell me something about the 1947-48 war.
  3.  when un convention was signed

Member 3

  1. Contributions of mn Srinivas
  2. Delhi is called rape capital, what we need to do.
  3. Interstate migration is an issue.
  4. Question on mgnrega

Member  4

  1. How to do rainwater harvesting in the village. Follow-up question on this.
  2.  Indian economy and issues with it.
  3. Some civil engineering marvel that inspired you.

Member 5

  1. Prefabricated structure Benefits
  2. Any specific example. Chairman again Tell some other building. I mentioned Qutub Minar etc. How arches are bind answered.
  3. Wanted some specific name. Replied – I would definitely read this sir. thanks, sir.
  4. Showed me the photo again and smiled. Bassi sir was repeatedly sleeping and not maintaining eye contact. Overall a good experience.

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