[UPSC Interview transcript #15] :Smita Nagraj Madam Board, Maharashtra Home State, Postgraduation in history


Interview Date: 20 Feb 2020
Duration: 30 minutes (Forenoon Session)
Board: Smita Nagraj madam
Background: Postgraduation in history
Home State: Maharashtra


  1. What are the employment avenues available for a history postgraduate?
  2. Why did you not go into the history research field?
  3. Why should we do research if that creates controversy and disturb harmony?
  4. Which history do you like most?
  5. What’s the one lesson modern Indian history teaches us?
  6. Was India a nation before Britishers came here

Member 1

  1. Who are Anganwadi workers? ICDS? Pocso act?
  2. We pressurise girls to behave in a “proper manner”. Is it time now to pressurise boys?

Member 2

  1. Yavatmal Farmer’s suicide reasons History repeats itself explain
  2. Explain Unity in diversity (it was written on the calendar on the wall )
  3. Which book did you read recently

Member 3

  1. History is written by the winners, what’s your advice to the losers?
  2. Tell us about a current economic scenario in India
  3. Corona impact on economy Fiscal deficit under control?
  4. Are you aware of the recent debate on real fiscal deficit numbers being suppressed?

Member 4

  1. Tell us about the Mihan project
  2. Name 5 problems before India

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