[UPSC Interview Transcript #16] : Sujata Mehta Mam Board, Maharashtra Home State, Political science, and IR Optional, Watching Movies Hobby

Contributed by ForumIAS community member
Duration: 30 mins
Board: Sujata Mehta Mam
Background: Electrical Engg,
Optional: Political science, and IR
Home State: Maharashtra
Hobby: Watching movies


  1. Brief introduction
  2. Did you pursue any job after graduation?
  3. Did you appear for any campus placement?
  4. Why do you want to join civil services?
  5. So you stayed in Sangli for 4 years. Tell me about the sugar plantation in the Sangli district?

Member 1

  • Asked questions on International Relations
  1. Is Indian diplomacy successful in dealing with Pakistan’s challenge?
  2. Role of China?
  3. Who becomes President if both president and vice president are not available?
  4. Talked about the Constitution and the role of scientific temper and asked me that which unscientific things we do in our life?

Member 2

  1. What is the single most imp factor responsible for climate change? ( I talked about Humans, the role of fossil fuels)
  2. Asked about Look East to Act East policy transformation in Indian foreign policy?
  3. what is Indo Pacific?
  4. Should India go for participating in Indo pacific- is that in India’s interest ( because primarily the fight is between the USA and China..Why should India get involved?.) Subsequent questions

Member 3

  1. You talked about Policy formulation and implementation in Government?. What is the process?
  2. Role of Bureaucrats, politicians, and Public in it?
  3. What is the role of the Standing committee in policy formulation?
  4. Role of Chairman in Rajya sabha?
  5. Why we consider women as second-class citizens? What’s your solution?
  6. Don’t you think Women are suppressed even in Educated sections of our society? What’s your take on that?
  7. The killing of Jamal Khashoggi and Iran commander…What is more important – Human rights or National interest? What about the mutilation of soldiers’ bodies on borderline?

Member 4

Talked about the Electricity sector and the consequences of fossil fuels and how we are going for renewable energy.

  1. How India aims to achieve this transition?.
  2. What are the technical challenges in connecting standalone solar/ wind sources to the grid?
  3. Talked about the smart grid, green energy corridor, and smart metering, and subsequent questions.
  4. How smart meter works? How it will help in reducing losses?

Chairman– do you want to ask anything or anything you prepared and we didn’t ask u?

  1. I talked about my hobbies – watching movies.
  2. Which two movies you watched recently?
  3. what type of movies do you watch generally, what kind of genre?
  4. Diff between Art films and commercial films.
  5. Can mainstream directors produce art films and become successful?
  6. Have you watched Article 15? What was it about? Was it based on a real story? Should we show such movies? Are they authentic? Don’t they portray our country in a bad light? Thank you so much…Your Interview is over. Overall the board was very cordial and supportive

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