[UPSC Interview Transcript #17] :TCA Anant Board, Delhi Home State, literature of Sanskrit Optional, Dog caring hobby

Duration: 29 mins
Board: TCA Anant sir
Background: computer science engineering
Home State: Delhi
Optional: literature of Sanskrit
Hobby: Dog caring
Other activities: also in MSDE
Members: chairman 2 male and 2 female members


How do u care about dogs? What different u do for street dogs, why does dogs bark unnecessarily?

Member 1

  1. Can you please explain the official language policy? Can we have Sanskrit as an official language? U have taken Sanskrit optional after computer science. Can you please name some of the scholars?
  2. Why students don’t want to study Sanskrit. What’s wrong with our education system.
  3. Can u please tell me all steps you would take to ensure that there be no malnutrition?

Member 2

  1. U are from Delhi and Delhi has been constantly facing the issue of very high air pollution. Stubble
  2. burning is one of the cause, do u think that the government has taken enough steps to deal with stubble burning or do u think that something more should be done?
  3. In other countries stubble is used for various purposes,can you name any such use.
  4. Do you think some legal framework should also be made?

Member 3

  1. please tell us about the UAV. What has been the role of doing in that? Do we have sufficient technology to deal with aerial attacks?
  2. Why there is jobless growth in India
  3. Why 80 percent of our engineers don’t find jobs
  4. What should we change in our education system?
  5. How do we relate skill and employment?

Member 4

  1. She asked 3 ques which I have never even heard of. Then she asked about conventional wars. Do we have more direct wars or are we moving towards other means of war?
  2. Chairman then asked me: what is ultra vires. Am not able to recollect. He said ok no issues. Your interview is over. Thank you. I thanked everyone
  3. Overall chairman was continuously smiling and very cool.

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