[UPSC Interview Transcript #19] :Bhonsle sir, Tamil Nadu Home State, PSIR Optional, Writing letters to the editor of the newspaper hobby

Date of Interview: 20/2/2020
Board: Bhonsle sir
Background: B.E biomedical
Home State: Tamil Nadu
Optional: PSIR
Hobby: Writing letters to the editor of the newspaper

After entering chairman explained the interview process and read DAF aloud. And he spoke about Best practices in the Tamil Nadu government


  1. What are your qualities apart from a good student?
  2. how many letters published till now?
  3. which letter you wanted to get published but it is not? ( here I mentioned tnpsc scam and spoke about the need for self-employment)
  4. how can we address problems in farm products procurement and distribution?
  5. what parameters you look for while implementing the model you suggested?
  6. what farm products famous in your district ( jackfruit)

Member 1

( can’t able to understand his English)

  1. He said some quotes and ask me to explain. I cant recollect
  2. what is your view on a lavish wedding
  3. why rich blaming system after using the system to become rich

Member 2

  1. governance index
  2. Why Tamil Nadu is best in the index
  3. Is really your state well in health and education

Member 3

  1. How to address rural poverty
  2. you speaking on economic aspect give some other factors
  3. what is patriarchy
  4. Is students union necessary for colleges?

Member 4

  1. why you opt for civil service rather than opt for self-employment ( I mentioned I have a backup idea of jackfruit processing)
  2. If I give you 10 lakh what business idea you have. asked me to use paper and pen to explain the model
  3. cancer status in TN
  4. TB status
  5. MDR TB


  1. Your business model is good how you address intermediaries
  2. what products can be formed from jack fruits He ended by saying I like jackfruit. what is your plan after the interview asked you to visit the UPSC museum if you want to pass the exam? Board was very cordial. And made me comfortable throughout.

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