[UPSC Interview Transcript #23] :Sujata Mehta Board, Karnataka Home State, Software Engineer

Interview Date: 17th Feb 2020
Duration: 30 mins
Board: Sujata Mehta
Background: Electronics,
Employee: Software Engineer
Home State: Karnataka


  1. Tell me about your education and job experience
  2. Why did you leave the job? Said something like private mai development opportunity is less and all.
  3. So, why do you think development opportunities are less in the private sector. – said the private sector is pro profit and serve certain categories of people
  4. So, don’t you think the private sector has no role? – said, no and gave another side of the argument.
  5. Why private sector is needed?
  6. Private empanelment in Ayushman Bharat – what is your opinion? Should we involve the private sector or not?
  7. Private sector good in district-level hospitals? – said yes
  8. Why are they good? – said that they help in fact, new tech and all.
  9. So the private sector has more tech than govt? Said, not so, but they supplement.
  10. Private sector promotion regarding some more questions.

Member 1

  1. What did you do as a software engineer?
  2. Border security
  3. Why electronic sector is not improving vis a vis China or the USA?
  4. What is to be done?
  5. Electric vehicle-related 3-4 questions. What is being done? What are the challenges, what is govt doing and all
  6. Questions related to Malabar coast ( from Karnataka)
  7. What are Konkan railways, their impacts?
  8. Ports that are being developed on the Konkan coast Sagarmala
  9. Some factual question specific to Mangalore- said, I don’t know

Member 2

  1. Apart from cricket, why other games are not much developed or popular? What are the issues in the sports sector in India? What is to be done?
  2. Public administration – the perception of not enough responsive, corruption and all… Why do you think so? What is to be done?
  3. How to bring changes in administration?
  4. How to use technology in administration?

Member 3

  1. Hobby related – 2 things you learned being part of those?
  2. Again hobby related – some question. Why what and all
  3. How do you use electronics in day-to-day administration?
  4. Work-related questions – 3-4 questions on the role and all

Member 4

  1. Among bill gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg – who do you think brought disruptive changes? It is a personal question – choose one.
  2. MSME sector changes in the budget.
  3. As a DM, how do you improve MSME – hypothetical situation?


  1. Corporate tax rate reduction-related.
  2. Why is the govt doing it? Govt doesn’t unlimited resources, still wants to undergo tax revenue.. why why why? (literally) Why are they doing it?
  3. NGO – what is the need? Is it because of administration deficiency?
  4. Social media – end-to-end encryption-related.
  5. What is blockchain technology?
  6. Is there anything left out which you think we should ask?
    Thank you

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