[UPSC Interview Transcript #26] :TCA Ananth, Karnataka Home State, Kannada literature Optional

Duration: Approx 30 mins
Board: TCA Ananth
Background: Mechanical engineer
Employee: 1. associate engineer in Robert Bosch
2. Asst. engineer in the water resources department
Optional: Kannada literature
Home State: Karnataka


  1. Tell me what kind of work you do in your department is it based on dam maintenance kind of work or any other allied irrigation work
  2. sugar cane farmers are facing problems, and it is a water-consuming crop, so tell me why we should grow sugar cane in spite of all this problem

Member 1

  1. Tell me the efficiency of the thermal power plant
  2. why it is not possible to increase efficiency
  3. what is critical pressure in thermal plants
  4. The contribution of agriculture is very less to GDP, tell me why we are not possible to increase contribution
  5. What are institutional credit and priority sector lending ( he was not agreeing with whatever I was telling and he is kept on countering my viewpoints)

Member 2

  1. You are already working in govt department then why u want to join civil services now in which sector u want to work n tell me why
  2. Tell me some schemes which have a convergence of all these objectives you have mentioned

Member 3

  1. Brexit and its impact on EU and reasons for Brexit did UK join Brexit earlier wholehearted opinion about ASEAN regional grouping is better or bilateral relations are better for our country why the quality of engineers is not up to mark as per industry standard

Member 4

  1. Tell me about Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan and how it is helpful to increase the quality of primary education tell me at least 5 reasons for farmers suicide
  2. There is repeated drought and floods in India, tell me how garland of canals can help to solve these problems some more questions followed I can’t remember

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