[UPSC Interview Transcript #27] :Bhoshle Sir Board, Delhi Home State, Anthropology Optional, Swimming as a Hobby

Interview Date: 17 Feb,20
Board: Bhoshle sir
Background: Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)
Employee: EPFO
Optional: Anthropology
Home State: Delhi
Hobby: Swimming


  1. cheerful greet n welcome, discussion on provisions of ICC ( DAF), Issues faced by women, the innovative role played by me, harassment of male employees, etc

Member 1

  1. Discussion on money laundering,
  2. Hawala, how to curb what can you do more on it, some more follow on q

Member 2

  1. Why anthropology, Why dentistry Plight of dentists
  2. What can be done to improve on it Some counterquestion on it

Member 3

  1. Some more q on dentistry on national integration related to language a barrier or not was India a nation before Britishers came some follow questions on this

Member 4

  1. Provisions of recent amendment in medical instruments
  2. Panel provisions to check the suitability of an instrument
  3. On the criminal justice system
  4. On provisions of EPFO to punish defaulters


  1. On organ transplantation and women issues why women are more donors n less recipients Innovative steps taken in the office
  2. On Delhi education model Last was what are your plans after this interview Overall a cordial board

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