[UPSC Interview Transcript #30] :TCA Anant Board, Delhi Home State, Philosophy Optional, Playing acoustic drums Hobby

Interview Date:17/02/2020, Afternoon session
Total time: 29minutes
Board: TCA Anant
Background: B. Tech, Electrical engineering
Employee: Worked in Qualcomm
Home State: Delhi
Optional: Philosophy
Hobby: Playing acoustic drums


Chairman started reading my DAF….u have done Btech from Electrical engineering then I’ve worked in Qualcomm…

  1. What is Qualcomm? What does it do?
  2. What is the internet of things?
  3. Why is it a future technology? Every technology is evolving, when would u say that it has arisen?
  4. What is 5g?
  5. What did you do in the 5g project?

Member 2

  1. So u are from Delhi..what would be the advantages if Delhi is given full statehood?
  2. Aadhaar case and privacy at supreme court verdict? Could u elaborate on that..what was the verdict?
  3. What is the diff between sagarmala and bharatmala?
  4. What other initiatives do you think will help India achieve $5tn economy?

Member 3

  1. So you’ve done electrical engineering. Tell me how is hydroelectricity produced?
  2. What about run-off the river projects?
  3. What is the megawatt rating of a hydro plant?
  4. What is the max amount of power that a hydropower plant generates? You know about max the capacity hydropower plant in India or the world?
  5. What is mini-hydro? Do you know the diff between mini-hydro and large hydro in terms of MW?
  6. What is the FUNCTIONAL (said it 2 times) difference between mini-hydro and large hydro?
  7. Can electricity be stored??. (I said no, but only converted to some other form)…..then what do we do if we generate excess electricity, what do we do with it?
  8. Ok, let’s come to electronics…I have two questions..what is the difference between GSM and CDMA?
  9. Is the CDMA technology in use anywhere? Where is it maximum used?
  10. Has India used CDMA technology at any point?
  11. U have been in Qualcomm which is a very big company..why did you leave your job.? You must be getting a very high pay…
  12. You know what is the AGR issue? What exactly is AGR? in one line..tell me what is the controversy? 1999 revenue sharing model..what was before it? So if a telecom company has no profit, it did not have to pay charges to govt? But presently all telecom companies are in losses, how to revive them?

Member 4

  1. You play acoustic drums? So can you tell me what is the difference of frequency/vibration to a listener when he listens to a string instrument and a percussion instrument?
  2. You are from Delhi and u have done electrical engineering as well, we are pushing for electric vehicles and we also have CNG vehicles. Can you do a comparison between them?
  3. You like philosophy also? Which philosopher do you like the most? Why?
  4. Have u heard about dashnami order which Adi shankara had established? What is it?
  5. Do you know the story of how he went to the Himalayas?
  6. Who is your favourite in Western philosophy? Why?
  7. Have u heard of …… (some psychologist name)?
  8. Cyber crimes and security threats are increasing nowadays. We also have an IT Act..u must have read about the act… Do you think our IT Act has enough provisions to tackle these issues of the future?
  9. So you are saying that the laws of Macaulay were also sufficient enough?
  10. You chose philosophy as optional despite doing electrical engineering. Can you tell why so many engineers dread taking their own subjects?

Member 5

  1. You have been involved in “social- development projects”. could u tell me about it? What did you do? Were they implemented in Delhi? What were those projects? What were the target communities?
  2. Have u heard about SHGs in rural India? What is their significance?
  3. Suppose u are a district head. What would be your priority areas for women of rural areas? Tell us what comes immediately to your mind…just 3 points…

Chairman: okay Thank you. You may go now.

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