[UPSC Interview Transcript #31] : PK Joshi Board, Karnataka Home State, PSIR Optional

Duration: 29 mins
Board: PK Joshi
Background: Graduation; mechanical engineering
Home State: Karnataka
Optional: PSIR


  1. Question on hometown, places where I studied.
  2. Why cleaning Ganga is not successful? What should be the measures?
  3. What are the causes of underground water pollution?

Member 1

  1. How India should balance between USA, China, Russia?
  2. US Iran conflict? What is India’s interest? What stand should India take?
  3. India’s Refugee Policy. And what is the significance of giving asylum to Dalai Lama?
  4. Role of G-20, BRICKS, SCO.? Why formed?
  5. Question on cyber technology. Advantages and disadvantages.
  6. Difference between electrical vehicles and IC engine vehicles

Member 2

  1. Questions about nutrition, why immunization of girls is low? Measures to improve.
  2. Water crisis in Bengaluru, and BBMP role in handling real estate business.
  3. Skewed development in Karnataka. Inequality

Member 3

  1. How to improve engg research india? What will you do if you are secretary of R&D?
  2. Is mechanical Engg becoming redundant? Why other fields such as electronics growing faster?
  3. How is India’s foreign policy working in present situation? Any measures to improve it.

Member 4

  1. Asked person of my name, said I don’t know.
  2. Asked about ‘ karanji’ (the word was in my DAF), said don’t know.
  3. Karnataka politics. Caste politics in Karnataka
  4. Any important politician from the home district? Contributions.
  5. Question on QUAD.

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