[UPSC Interview Transcript #35] :PK Joshi Sir Board, Gujarat Home State, Sociology Optional, RBI Assistant, Reading and listening to verses of Kabir Hobbies

Duration: 30 mins
Board: PK Joshi Sir
Home State: Gujarat
Background: B. Com
Optional: Sociology
Employee: RBI Assistant (2 yrs) and Probationary Dy Collector Gujarat
Hobby:  Reading and listening to verses of Kabir


  1. Why civil services?
  2. Ur preference of service?
  3. Why not IAAS as 1st preference? (Due to B.Com background)
  4. Profile of Assistant in RBI
  5. NPAs – Volume and present status. Reasons (RBI work experience)
  6. “Auditor is a watchdog, not a bloodhound.” Meaning and in which case was it used?
  7. How knowledge of commerce will help in civil services?

Member 1

  1. The problem of Unemployment – Real or Hype? Reasons to support your argument Educated Unemployment – Have you heard of it?
  2. What is structural unemployment?
  3. Recently RBI has imposed restrictions on 2 banks – which are they?
  4. Difference between the PSBs Pvt Banks and Coop banks?

Member 2

  1. Sociology and Gujarat
  2. Have you been to NE India? Education is low – Reasons
  3. Patriarchy – why does it still persists? Is it prevailing in the lower-class alone? Correlation between patriarchy and education?
  4. What can be done to improve the sex ratio?
  5. Gujarat Wild Ass Sanctuary -Sabarmati filled with Waters of Narmada – How far justified?
  6. Why use funds for the beautification of the riverfront? Water used in the riverfront can be used for irrigation?
  7. What should be the priority?

Member 3

  1. Why Audit frauds?
  2. What actions can be taken?
  3. Means to resource/fund projects in govt or Pvt companies?
  4. If you are a DM, how will you use your knowledge of B.Com in improving the school?

Member 4

  1. What is Ulat Bansi of Kabir? (Hobby) Recite Kabir’s Ulat Bansi
  2. What was the purpose of using it?
  3. There is a song of Kabir Mann Lago Mero Yaar Fakiri Mein. Recite it for us.
  4. Gandhi’s Talisman What was it?
  5. Gandhi’s favorite bhajan – Vaishnav Jana to Tene Re Kahiye – Who wrote it and recite few lines
  6. School infrastructure in govt schools is not up to the mark in Gujarat? Why?
  7. Rakhiyal Why communally sensitive?
  8. Why intermixing of religion not happening in Ahmedabad? Separate colonies for Hindus and Muslims?
  9. Disturbed Areas Act – Have you heard about it? What is it?
  10. As a Civil servant, ur preference – AC Cabin or Working in slums?


  1. Ur interview is over. U can go now.

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