[UPSC Interview Transcript #36] :TCA Anant Board, Indian Trade Service (ITS)

Duration: 30 mins
Board: TCA Anant.
Employee: Indian Trade Service (ITS)
Most of the questions revolved around trade.


  1. You have done b tech. worked in companies as well. good. now in ITS.
  2. when did you join?
  3. which batch?
  4. how many months of training?
  5. where are you posted now?
  6. what is the posting?
  7. what work do you do?
  8. What exactly the job profile of ITS.

Member 1

  1. What is FTA?
  2. What has been the status of FTA of India with others?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages? is there fta with china?
  4. No then why so much trade deficit?
  5. with whom we have signed FTA tell me the status of FTA?
  6. how much is the trade deficit with Japan, South Korea?
  7. what is anti-dumping duty?
  8. Is there any law? how is it being implemented? who implements it?
  9. Tell me the whole process. have we used anti-dumping against any country? yes, china. okay, on which products?
  10. I said steel, is there any other product?
  11. what is safeguard duty?
  12. how antidumping is different from safeguard duty?
  13. Some computer technology question asked, unable to recall

Member 2

  1. Tell me details about Foreign Trade policy? I started explaining? countered with not chapter-wise but recent developments in FTP?

(few economy and trade-related questions but unable to recall and write here)

Member 3

  1. Can you tell me about the Indus Water treaty?
  2. What is Jaish e, Mohammad? How to tackle terrorism?
  3. what is the difference between terrorism and extremism?
  4. How many extremist factions in the Northeast? How to tackle them?
  5. Famous Rousseau’s quote- we have history but we have not learnt from history, something like that…can you comment about his statement in the present context. whether it is relevant?

Member 4

  1. Should we allow students to take part in politics in college and universities?
  2. how will you tackle the agitated students? if you DM of that district and mob is violent what steps
  3. will you take? What are the Gandhian principles that still hold ground in today’s world and you will implement them?


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