[UPSC Interview Transcript #37] :P.K. Joshi sir Board, Telangana Home State, Public Administration Optional, Running, Playing Sudoku, Chess Hobbies

Interview Date: 19th February 2020. Afternoon session
Duration: (03:15 to 03:30)
Board: P.K. Joshi sir
Background: Aeronautical Engineering; Masters in Public Administration
Employee: NCC “C” certificate Air India
Optional: Public Administration
Hobbies: Running, Playing Sudoku, Chess
Home state: Telangana

The interview was more on my DAF-based and less current affairs. Even current affairs have DAF based not something new.


  1. So your name is XXXXXX
  2. Chair: Please sit down
  3. Chair: So, you have done aeronautical engineering and aerospace engineering.
  4. Chair: so why didn’t you go along in that sector?
  5. Chair: So you did engineering and don’t you think you are wasting public money? How could your engineering knowledge help in administration?
  6. Chair: What is the difference between helicopters and aircraft?
  7. Capital in Andhra, How did Telangana benefit from the bifurcation

Chair passed on the baton to M1 sir.

Member 1

  1. So you have done course on decentralisation?
  2. What is decentralisation? How do you see decentralisation when there is mergers and amalgamations in departments?
  3. There are mergers in departments, amalgamations in private sector. So in that situation how can you ensure decentralisation. Does that go against the concept of decentralisation?
  4. What is meant by globalisation?
  5. So, what are the negative impacts of globalisation in developing countries?
  6. Ok, that is the cultural part of it. How is the economy being impacted because of globalization?
  7. So, if you are made to improve the manufacturing sector, how would you do it?
  8. How would you identify the indigenous knowledge and manufacturing potential?
  9. How do you see the potential of Make in India scheme? Why do you think it achieved or failed in achieving its goal?
  10. What measures would you suggest?

Baton passed to M2 sir.

Member 2

  1. What is XXXXX mean? Is it your father’s name?
  2. So you have done NCC. Why didn’t you join Airforce?
  3. So, you come from warangal district. there is a problem of Naxalism. How did the government resolved this problem?
  4. So you run marathons? do you run half marathon or full marathon?
  5. Why do certain tribes in Ethiopia win most marathons?
  6. Do you know about the lambadas in your state?
  7. tell me their lifestyle and their way of living?
  8. Is there any conflict between the other tribes and lambadas?
  9. Urdu poetry came from the Deccan region. Some of the finest urdu poetry and poets came from the Deccan region. Why do you think so?
  10. Why is the present urdu poetry not gaining such popularity that once it is recognised for?

Baton passed to M3 sir.

Member 3

  1. Description About the irrigation project. asked me to name the project.
  2. Do you know about the Ivanka trump visit? (some description about Ivanka trump visit)
  3. Described the road safety and increased fines on citizens. There is laxity on the part of the municipal authorities. How do you view this?
  4. Recently, there is a change in the India map. Do we have any conflicts with the neighboring nations?
  5. Who are razakars?
  6. Does playing sudoku gives happiness, or relaxedness or relieves stress?

Passed baton to M4 (mam)

Member 4

  1. Why isn’t it popular?
  2. Unable to recollect the questions asked by the M4 member. But mostly profile-based questions.

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